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Light Novel: I became the countess' fool

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1 year ago

Coming up every day on weekdays, it can be said to be an oasis to relieve the fatigue of weekdays, which can be a bit depressing! I know that it's coming up in Munpia, etc. other than Reading Books, and I've heard information that it's coming up more accurately and quickly, so if you have a site you're using, I think you can see it from there.

​Actually, there is no back like this!! I tend to find and read only the ones that have been completed in a book because it is difficult to endure, but I started reading it with the recommendation of a friend, and these days I read a few of the series a little bit every day.

<Work introduction>

1. Title of work: I became a fool of the count. (Shortly, it's backed up)

2. Writer: Yuhan

3. Publisher: Book Publishing Cheong Eo-Ram

4. List price: 100 won per piece as a serial

As of February 18, 19, episode 273 is scheduled to be uploaded.

5. Characters and brief plot:

One day, the protagonist wakes up as'Kale', the foolish son of a manor in the novel <The Birth of a Hero>, who sleeps while reading.

The protagonist, who was originally an orphan, had no regrets in his previous life, so I think that I will enjoy the joyful baeksu life that I was born as the son of a countless governor.

I think I'm going to enjoy the lucky white water life.

However, in this world, there are many so-called'heroes' (it is a fantasy world with magic, creatures such as dragons and monsters, and heterogeneous races such as elves and wolves), so even if you are the son of a count, you will not be able to enjoy a happy beast life without any preparation. Kale I thought...

Fortunately, not the whole (medium?), but the first part knows the content of the novel, so I use it well to collect'ancient power' and meet characters. But, of course, the content is gradually changing due to Kale, who is already taking a different course from the novel... What will happen to Kale!

This is the content.

Really, the main character is only my beautiful and calm white water life!! for!! I try to remove the obstacles that block the life of the unemployed, but it seems like the world itself is that obstacle ㅋㅋㅋ

And the protagonist thinks,'I'm an idiot, so I'll be selfish!' If I say it's a bad thing, I should say it's about throwing a bottle of alcohol (never throw it at people). I am rational, kind, and friendly Kale-kun hahahaha

Best of all, all the characters are attractive. It draws both female and male characters attractively regardless of gender, and just shows the charm of the character itself without any gender description or emphasis, so I really like that part.

It's a bit munchkin-like (especially, the tail Confucius is a munchkin that walks around as you go backwards. You're strong, but the coworkers who received the sprinkled affection without even knowing it are amazing.) If you want a feeling of tension and anxiety, I don't think it's right.

However, if you've subscribed to my blog for a long time, you'll know that I like Elquines, the Spirit King and Sunako Kayata's Biography of Delphinia, but if you're like that, you'll definitely like it.

And because there are very cute dragons and cats, this part is also an element of the attractive point.

The style is a bit light and youthful, so when you look at the reviews, there are some people who have a taste for it. Therefore, it would be good if you check the part for free and purchase it!

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Written by   30
1 year ago
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