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Ishuzoku Reviewers Be Like... New Controversial Anime

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2 years ago
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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Redo of Healer), got a lot of attention from the viewer worldwide but in a negative as it was very controversial for the eyes of the other as the content seem to be a lot matured and more wild if we compare it with "H-Anime". As you might not know Ishuzoku Revewers (Interspecies Reviewer) anime that was aired from last year gets the same reaction with the viewers. Because of these reactions form the viewer that the interspecies reviewer got canceled last year. AS A WARNING: These Anime's contains a lot of mature contents so I don't recommend them to watch if you have weak mind or psychological sickness.

Synopsis (Interspecies Reviewers):

Countless diverse races, from perky fairies to oozing slimes, inhabit the world. Naturally, such a melting pot of creatures has a broad and alluring variety of brothels. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to decide with which succu-girl to have a meaningful, interpersonal experience.

Fortunately, a tight group of brave warriors has come together to enlighten the public. These perverted adventurers take it upon themselves to assess the appeal of all types of succu-girls through hands-on research. Whether it be the scorchingly hot salamanders or the udderly hu-moo-ngous cow-girls, the Yoruno Gloss reviewers leave no species behind.

Directed by the mastermind behind Miru Tights, Ishuzoku Reviewers seeks to answer one of the most pressing questions there is: which species is the sexiest?

Source: MAL Rewrite


Type: TV

Episodes: 12

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jan 11, 2020 to Mar 28, 2020

Premiered: Winter 2020

Broadcast: Saturdays at 23:00 (JST)

Producers: AT-X, Docomo Anime Store, Kadokawa Media House, Kadokawa, Toyo Recording

Licensors: None found, add some

Studios: Passione

Source: Manga

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy

Duration: 23 min. per ep.

Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

Source: MyAnimeList

Synopsis (Redo of Healer):

"Healing magicians cannot fight alone."

Keyaru, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others. One day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that potential, he was deprived of everything. Thus, he used healing magic on the world itself to go back four years, deciding to redo everything.

This is a heroic tale of one healing magician who became the strongest by using knowledge from his past life and healing magic.

(Source: Novel Updates, edited)

Recited from: MyAnimeList


Type: TV

Episodes: Unknown

Status: Currently Airing

Aired: Jan 13, 2021 to ?

Premiered: Winter 2021

Broadcast: Wednesdays at 23:30 (JST)

Producers: Lantis, AT-X, Glovision, Docomo Anime Store, Kadokawa Media House, Kadokawa, Bandai Namco Arts

Licensors: Sentai Filmworks

Studios: TNK

Source: Light novel

Genres: Ecchi, Fantasy

Duration: 24 min.

Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity ( What is mild here? Please answer?)

Source: MyAnimeList

Did Interspecies Reviewers got Canceled?

Yes for some airing platform but other sites continue, Funimation cancelled their airing for the Insterspecies Reviewer as the ecchi part or the lewd part of this anime is so hard to follow and as the content of the anime di not mesh out the catalog of for Funimation then after a while taken down by NSFW anime and Amazon Prime did also cancel their airing for this anime. But then some twitter account said that the anime were taken not because of the content but the platform and tv broadcast management itself.

"Interspecies Reviewers has been discontinued due to "the program management of the TV station". It's not because this content was not appropriate to air."

- otakujp

Then as the issue of this anime were have to be resolve by just cancelling the air of the anime through many sites, seem like this new season brought us a new a anime that will give a lot of uproar in the community as Redo of Healer got Animated from Light Novel. As for the reader of the light novel and manga well known that this anime would be a great controversial.

Some said that the story itself is okay but some says that this is the most that this will get the hate of the other.

But as for me, please don't watch the anime if you don't want too, me, we or they not forcing you to watch it. If you just tried to watch this anime just to trash talk the show itself you are a joke in this community. I also don't want this kind of anime as I have said that the content is more matured than the content on the "H-anime" if we compare it. But still I remain neutral with this topic, don't forced your norms on other just watch and say what only if you do actually know what you watch and have an extensive understanding, don't just say what you want in a spurt of the moment.

Again, Kira-kun desu, thanks for the time! I hope you to continue to support my works!


Lead Image: Google

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otakujp on Twitter: "Interspecies Reviewers has been discontinued due to "the program management of the TV station". It's not because this content was not appropriate to air." / Twitter

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Written by   32
2 years ago
Topics: Anime, Light novel, Issue
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