Nice Meeting You

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3 years ago

I never thought of the day when I got the chance to meet you. I never thought we will be that close up until now. For me knowing new people makes me so happy. I didn't thought that in just borrowing one of your Jersey for our practicum will be the gateway of everything.

I admit that we get introduce by our friend I already had a crush on you. Funny because it fades, and when we started talking every night my feeling towards you grows. Until now, but the sad reality was I never got the guts to tell you how I feel.

Until you move and migrated to Canada, now we can't see each other. And after learning that in the past we can have the change to together. I feel so down that wasted my time. So all I have to say was NICE MEETING YOU.

If you see a change to tell how you feel towards a person never waste that opportunity.

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