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Why Worry?

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Why worry

Do you worry alot?? And why? Read and be blessed already..

_“ *Be anxious for nothing, however in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be created famous to God; and also the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding, can guard your hearts and minds through Christ the Nazarene."*_

You know you’re not presupposed to worry and nevertheless you are doing.
👉🏾You worry concerning finances, your health, and also the health of these you like.
👉🏾You worry concerning what’s already happened and concerning what hasn’t nevertheless taken place.

There’s a range of reasons why we have a tendency to shouldn’t worry.
📌Worry causes stress that untimely ages U.S.A., provides U.S.A. wrinkles, and wreaks disturbance on our health. 📌Worry negatively affects our relationships with others.
📌And if you’re a parent, worry will build your grownup kids not need to divulge heart's contents to you concerning the small print of their lives as a result of they don’t need you to fret.

The fact that we have a tendency to worry plenty reveals some facts concerning U.S.A. with reference to our relationship and our understanding of God and World Health Organization He His. whether or not we have a tendency to believe it or not, these facts area unit truths and if we have a tendency to settle for them as truths then it should facilitate eliminate worry from our lives.

Stop worry

_Fact No one -We worry as a result of we have a tendency to forget that God is all-powerful-_
We worry as a result of we have a tendency to ditch God’s power.
We forget what He’s capable of {and we have a tendency to|and that we} begin to believe we should pay attention of things ourselves.
We begin panicking that we’re on our own, and that we may not be ready to handle it.
You know what? we have a tendency to can’t handle it. It’s why we want Him.
God needs U.S.A. to understand and admit our weakness thus He is sturdy on our behalf.
God usually needs to try to to through U.S.A., what's on the far side U.S.A..
So once you’re visaged with a state of affairs during which you are feeling weak or engulfed, instead of worry, decision upon the sole One World Health Organization takes care of true.
God’s power to require care of no matter considerations you is there for the asking.
We should 1st humble ourselves, admit we have a tendency to area unit engulfed and invite His

spower (James 4:10)

🔦 _Fact No a pair of - we have a tendency to worry as a result of we’ve forgotten His presence_
One of the primary things that causes U.S.A. to fret is that the concern that we have a tendency to area unit alone…or we'll got to wear down somebody on our own.
Or maybe we have a tendency to worry for somebody else as a result of we have a tendency to concern they're alone.
But after we do this, we’ve clearly forgotten God’s presence – that He’s right here with U.S.A., going before U.S.A., walking aboard U.S.A., and observation our backs.
In Psalm 139:7 David asks _*“Where am i able to go from your spirit? wherever am i able to lam your presence?”*_
And then he answers his question by explaining the endurance of God’s presence.

Don't worry.

Basically as His kids, God won’t allow us to out of His protecting sight. that's a comforting thought that ought to keep U.S.A. from worrying.
And so next time {you area unit|you're} tempted to fret that you simply are alone in your worrisome state of affairs, keep in mind that you simply area unit His temple then you carry His presence.

🎯Father I worship you as a result of you're the in a position God. you're well ready to meet my desires, you're well ready to accomplish all that considerations Maine, blessed be your name.

🎯Father please forgive Maine for those times after I throw in the towel to fret and anxiety, as a result of could be a sign of mental object in you.

🎯Father please facilitate Maine forever to be reminded particularly on occasions after I am tempted to fret that you simply area unit the powerful God.

🎯Father please facilitate Maine ne'er to forget that you simply have secure to be with Maine altogether my ways in which.

🎯Father altogether my journeys during this life facilitate Maine forever to own assurance of your presence in the Nazarene name.

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Written by   3
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