Heart's whisper

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1 year ago

So many things happening right now.

I feel so drained and down.

I'm just like a robot working without feelings.

My hands and body keeps moving but seems my heart stops beating.

There's a little voice keeps whispering at the back of my head.

So many words running around into it.

How can we get out of this situation we have.?

When is the end?.

Even though I felt this way.

I still thankful for every thing that I have.

For waking us up each morning, still breathing and smiling.

For keeping my children safe and sound.

For keeping the rest of my family kicking and believing that we can survive.

I still believe that If we encounter a problem that big as a ship, then God will sends us a solution that bigger as an ocean.

I thank God for sending us people who don't hesitate to comfort us and offers us a helping hand.

Probably God sending us an angel in disguise.

Everytime I feel that there's no other solution or way to get through it.

All of a sudden there's someone come to us, it feels like magical.

My heart fills with so much grace and love from above.

And I really thank God for still holding me so tight.

So keep praying.

Keep asking.

Don't give up because no matter what happens, God just watching us.

And waiting for us to ask guidance.

I still believe that no matter how our hearts are grieving if we still keeps believing the dreams and our wish will come true.


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