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Random Questions About Me

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7 months ago

Tell me about yourself.

Hello, I'm Caryl from Lanao del Norte, but currently living in Cavite. I'm a twenty-something fur momma Filipina of doggos and cattos. I'm a reader; the crime and mystery genre is my thing, but I can read any genre as long as it is interesting.

I started my blogging journey in 2017 in BitLanders. I'm kneelyrac in all of my crypto-related socials like Noise, Steemit, Hive, Blurt, Appics, but I'm keeneek here in Read.Cash. If you search kneelyrac here, that's still me. But I decided to drop that account and create this account using Jean's @Momentswithmatti affiliate link.

What made you smile today?

She's still 7 years old in this picture.

My not-so baby sister messaged me on Messenger asking about Diocese as per grandma's request. She spelled it as "dayo sis." I was puzzled because why is my baby sis calling me sis. Then she sent a voice mail, and I laughed and replied that she's so cute before I corrected her spelling.

Also, the much-needed enclosure for my old laptop's HDD arrived yesterday. All my travel pictures are saved there, so I decided to browse some of the pictures. As I was scrolling through the pictures, I saw my baby sister's picture with her model-mode face. I also have pictures with my grandpa (father's side) - it was our first time meeting him with complete attendance and the last time, as well. I'm away from home, so these pictures and videos make me smile.

What was the last good book you read?

I am currently reading To Sir With Love by Lauren Layne. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm quite enjoying the book. I decided to read the romance genre because it's love month. But since we are talking about a book that I enjoyed a lot, meaning I'm already done reading, then it's The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth. It was a mystery book about two sisters: one that cannot get pregnant and the other one, who is willing to get pregnant.

What do you think is the best show on Netflix right now?

I haven't enjoyed my subscription on Netflix. I only watch whenever I like it. I once ended the subscription, but my baby sister told me she was bored and wanted to watch those unicorn-something shows. So yeah, I renewed the subscription because of my sisters.

If I based it on my recent watch, then it's Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc. The animation, the art, everything about it is extra! I'm planning to watch the whole season 3 in one sitting.

Have you been on any interesting trips lately?

I went back home to Lanao del Norte during Christmas break, from December 20, 2021, to January 5, 2022. It's neither lately nor an interesting trip. But before going home, I was able to visit Tagaytay twice. I have eaten one of the best bulalo I've ever tasted (Sorry, Iligan City Wet Market) in a cold cozy place with a cool view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

That's my Kuya Migi

I have both, but I still consider myself a dog person. At the moment, I have four cattos and seven doggos left. Two died this month, my Tiger and Pipin.

I am asthmatic and have allergic rhinitis. My allergies always trigger, but I still cuddle and sleep with them. I remember my first dog when I was still six years old, and my father named it Bugoy. When I was in elementary, my godmother's sister gave me a dog - half Spitz and half aspin - and I named her Lassie. After Lassie, there's King and then Rain.

When these three died, I cried my heart out. I was heartbroken. Lassie stayed longer, 11 years. After she had died, we didn't have a dog; we decided to have a cat instead. Decade passed by, and my sister's godmother gave her two adorable mixed breed dachshunds, then another one came. I named the majority of them based on the anime characters that I've watched. And it came to the point that I had 13 doggos, and three of them are adopted strays.

Do you think you're an introvert or an extrovert?

I am definitely an introvert. I enjoy spending my day watching anime, reading books, painting, and doing other stuff that doesn't require a companion. Yes, I am talkative when I'm with my classmates in high school. But if it's not them, my best friends, or my boyfriend, I'd rather stay at home and do some of my side hustles.

Recently, my boyfriend and guy friend told me that I'm really antisocial. It's not visible during college days, but as I grow older it becomes more vivid. I responded that I'm always like this on college days. I chose to eat alone at lunchtime than to eat with my classmates in college.

What do you want to be when you were a kid?

I've always wanted to become an army that I even wrote in my high school yearbook that I want to become a PMA cadet. I had my mother's support on this, but sadly, my father was against it. When I withdrew my CWTS and replaced it with ROTC, he was not amused about it.

I also want to become a doctor, a surgeon, to be exact. A military doctor was a great choice. Since I was asthmatic, I've been seeing doctors all the time. And the thought of wearing a white coat excites me so much. Unfortunately, my mother wouldn't allow me to study far from them. I was planning to take Pharmacy as my pre-med course, but my parents can't afford the expenses. When my mother learned that I passed on MSU-IIT SASE and had an ECE course offered to me, she was ecstatic about it.

What always calms you down when you're really stressed out and upset?

It depends on what emotion I want to release. But books, anime, and art calm me the most. They make me divert my attention and release it positively. There are times listening to Angel Beats OST Brave while at the bed helps me relax until I fall asleep.

Sometimes, I cry for a few minutes and then back to what I did previously. As the eldest and the breadwinner, I somehow unlocked and mastered this. When I was at home with my dogs, I'd cry while hugging them, and I'm okay already. Dogs know how to comfort their hooman.

Are you a spender or a saver?

I spend a lot when it comes to my family and fur babies, but I don't spend if it's for myself. I've been working for five years already, but I have never bought shoes for myself. My first purchase of a bag was last year. I also bought a pair of shoes, that was supposed to be a first, but I decided to give them to my sister.

My salary is not enough even though it's not a regular salary rate since I send my two sisters to college. I don't have savings in my bank account. I can't save using my salary alone, so I hodl most of my crypto-assets, both in the exchanger and in the crypto-blogging sites I'm in. But I'm hoping to see six digits on one of my bank accounts. Manifesting!

Do you like calling or texting better?

Or. Hah! Kidding aside, I prefer texting, just for a short while. Calling is not my cup of tea, especially when the caller is unknown. Whenever there's a caller, I checked my inbox first, then either my Shopee or Lazada app. If there's an out for delivery, then I'll answer it. If I recently ordered from Foodpanda, I would answer it, as well. But if it's neither of them, I'll mute it and never answer it.

I experienced a prank call from one of my classmates that literally made me nervous. I wasn't able to recognize his voice, so his plan worked out. Later on, he laughed. I responed, "Samoka, kinsa ni?" (Asked him who is he with an angry voice.).

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I've been a night owl since fourth grade. That was when the time I started to excel in class. My mother just told me to pass my subject. I was okay with being the 5th, 6th, or 7th in class. Surprisingly, I jumped to be 3rd in the class, and having my name in a bigger font size excites me. That was when I found out that my mind is active and can retain information at nighttime. My routine has been like this: school - home - sleep - wake up - eat - study - sleep.

I remember my English teacher in the 3rd year of high school told me that I always look like I'd been crying for the whole night because my eyes are puffy. Well, they were puffy and still are today because I am a vampire. My concentration during the mornings is very low. Usually, my mind is high from 11 PM until 3 AM, but it can still go further until 7 AM.

I guess that would be all! I was supposed to post a book-related challenge today but decided to post this one first. The book challenge is 20 questions - quite long to make.

Thank you, @Kelzy for tagging me. I don't have someone in mind to tag since almost everyone (users I know) participated already.

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Written by   68
7 months ago
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Same kayo ng partner ko, ako naman morning person 😁 Kaya pag patulog na ung aprtner ko, pagising na ako hahaha at mag agree ako sa opposite attracts. Ako ang extrovert, introvert naman si partner. Nice to know some things about you!

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7 months ago

Kung kami same ng partner mo, ikaw naman at yung partner ko rin ang same. 😆

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Interesting facts from you. Gald we're on the same Island. Happy to meet you here

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Thank you for reading!😊

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I am a cat and dog furparent. We have one cat and 3 dogs. We just got a new puppy few weeks ago hehe. We named him Bricks because he was born in a construction site. :D

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I saw Bricks' photo on APPICS, he's so adorrrbs! 🤩😍💖

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7 months ago

Woof woof! Thank you so much! Woof! 🐶💕

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7 months ago

nalingaw kos atong pagka introvert ba kay murag maoy common denominator sa mga hilig ug online writing..haha ganahan di paistorbo kay daghang buhatonon hehe daghang basahon ug daghang commentan pa nga mga articles... ug social media..hahaha

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7 months ago

Tinuod jud na dai. Haha tungod aning blogging murag misamot kog ka intro. Haha.

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7 months ago