Learn to see the beauty in uncertainty

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No matter how much you try to block it out, it can be hard to get rid of the thoughts that swirl around in your head and the guilt that creeps in from time to time, and at such times it feels as if a hand is constantly pulling you down. This is exactly how many describe the mood after failure. However, it should not be forgotten that failure or seeing that something did not turn out as desired is not the end of life, on the contrary, it is the harbinger of new and fresh beginnings... Let's look at ways to leave the trauma of failure behind...

You remember a person not by his failures, but by his determination. And in fact, failure is nothing but an opportunity to start anew and with more experience.

Remember that you are the creator of all your feelings and thoughts, whether positive or negative! So instead of trying to change your feelings and thoughts all the time, go to the roots of these reactions and analyze them. In other words, instead of constantly trying to change your thoughts and feelings into other forms, try to learn to accept them in their place. Doing this will raise your awareness of your own personality. In other words, knowing and believing that your thoughts and feelings are part of you, with all their positive and negative aspects, will prevent you from feeling guilty after future failures and avoid starting over.

Dozens of times a day we try to adapt our past experiences to the future. In other words, our minds mark a past event as "important" or, if the experience was tragic, the brain activates the fear mechanism, thus hiding itself behind a shield that protects it from similar events in the future.

For example: An individual who has been cheated on in a past relationship may avoid people because he/she thinks that he/she will experience a similar event in all his/her other relationships,

Someone who has never passed an exam may, over time, become obsessed with the idea that he or she will never pass the exam, so he or she may block his or her mind.

However, where many people are wrong is that negative experiences in the past are not inevitably reflected in the future in the same way. In other words, a person who has been cheated on in the past, instead of avoiding having a relationship and falling in love, should analyze their past relationship, position that relationship as a single and unique fingerprint and shape their future relationships accordingly. Or a student who is unable to pass an exam should not hesitate to try new ways of studying by completely shelving his or her usual study method. Because one of the greatest evils one can do to oneself is to be a prisoner of a vicious cycle of negative emotions.

If you often say sentences starting with "If I had my mind now...", I have good news for you. Because feeling more conscious and experienced than you were in the past is like a powerful weapon that protects you from feelings of defeat.

One of the biggest flaws of humanity is that it is deeply uneasy about uncertainty, even though it knows very well that nothing in the universe is certain. But instead of fearing the uncertainties that await you, you can assume that the universe is a well-orchestrated card game and enjoy the surprises it can throw at you.

If you accept that life is full of gray areas and unpredictable stories, you can embrace the fact that the sun can rise in an instant after what seems like a dark night of failure.

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