Thoughts about Fear

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2 years ago

I was talking to an 8 year old girl yesterday and we were discussing feelings.

Good Feelings.

She had made a drawing, with faces.

Above the drawing, she had written the words..

happiness, joy, laughter, fear ..

I said "what is this"? And she said "I am drawing and writing all the nice feelings"

I said "..ok .. but why would you describe fear as a good feeling?"

She replied, without thinking too much..

  • "Because, if somebody asks you to go fall from a cliff .. you will be stupid to do it. Because, fear will stop you. So, fear is in fact protecting us from doing all sort of dangerous things!"

I startled for a short while.. She was right!

Fear is something that sometimes stops us from doing stupid or dangerous things.

But Fear sometimes is what holds us down on the ground, when we could grow our winds and fly.

When do we know what is good for us?

When do we understand when we should stop and when to continue?

Do we listen to our heart, to our brain? Do we listen to what other people have to say?

I say ... Listen to our heart, but while we put our mind to work.
Always be alert, if your heart beats strong. Always be safe, but keep your guards on.

Take chances, but be ware. Always do it, when you have something to spare.

I will close with a quote that always come to mind whenever I am to make a big decision..

" - What if I fall*?
- Oh, but my darling .. what if you fly**?"

Erin Hanson & Winnie the Pooh

*fall = fail

**fly = make it


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2 years ago


Sometimes adults make things too complicated. My kids are often smarter than me :)

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2 years ago

That 8 year old got some life experiences!

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2 years ago

Hi! Seen you on Twittwer chatting with my friend Tony! Nice to see you around!

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2 years ago