The stone and the sunset

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2 years ago

We are having a very warm February on my island, in Crete - Greece.

The days are sunny, windless and very comfortable to be out. Some people even go to the beach :) (Not me)

Today, the sunsets were dancing in the sky since early morning.

I was too busy to go out but during sunset time I knew I just had to go and take photographs :)

And I did.

I am showing you here a reverse sunset.. from the end to the beginning of my walk.

One of the most impressive photos of the last days

And a few steps next to it ...

And if you just look up

The clouds are so dreamy, you feel like you are in a fairytale

And if you are wondering what is the .. stone in the subject

Here it is!

I found an almost perfect stone and I took it with me.

I am thinking of leaving a message on it and let it back to the beach to be discovered :)

Any ideas about the message?

I hope you enjoyed the shots :)

All of them taken with my iphone

Today, Feb 5th - not published anywhere else yet

Thank you for visiting :)

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2 years ago


I somehow miss going out and take photos of ky environment. I wish to do it again soon when my baby gets bigger and the world is safer... love the sunset photos...

As for the message, I highly recommend putting an inspirational message and add your read link :)

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2 years ago