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4 months ago

I have been photo-shooting and taking videos since I remember myself, but this became a need for me - especially during quarantine time.

Due to the fact that I live at a village, the quarantine did not affect my every day life, in the sense that I could go out anytime I wanted. I would go and take photos of nature around me, of the waves, of the snails in the sea, of the sunsets and anything else that would catch my attention.

Many of those videos I decided to upload in Pexels, a platform where you can find many videos/images that you can use freely (you can donate but only if you wish)

So today, after having an account with millions of views, I decided to check .. which of my content has the most views?

I downloaded the top 8 and posted them in a video - where someone can check and also find the link to download anything they want.

Best thing?

They are FREE to use!

But if you do use them, I would like to know where you used them :)

This is my video

And these are the links!

Here are my most viewed videos in Pexels - Download them free below:



3. (ideal for mobile)



6. (mobile version)

7. (photography)



10. (photography for mobile)
11. (for mobile)

12. (timelapse)


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