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Let's talk about .. Creativity

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2 months ago

What is creativity for you? Do you consider yourself a creative person?

Creativity is the ability to see things differently, to be able to come up with new ideas even when you have the same "ingredients" to start with.

Do you think that we are born creative? Or is it something that can be learned?

Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

It also comes with a huge learning curve.

You understand it when you're in a brainstorming session. Have you ever felt like you got many many ideas flowing out of your head? That's creativity at work!

How can you cultivate your creativity?

Once you start seeing a spark of creativity, make sure that you ll keep working at it. You'll find that with enough practice, you'll be able to recognize new opportunities for creativity as they present themselves—and as long as you keep practicing, those moments will happen more often!

You also need to make sure that you're getting plenty of rest at night and eating well during the day. Find ways to get away from your phones every once in a while—and make the most of your 'own' time ..

Remember that creativity isn't always about being different from everyone else—it's about finding ways to make things better than they are now!

And an extra tip (because it has happened to me a lot - to forget my ideas)

Once you've got an idea, make sure to put it down on paper so that it does not go away! If possible, create thematic sections and ... get ready to create!

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Written by   38
2 months ago
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