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4 months ago

Thinking is one of the most important activities in our lives, and unfortunately, some of us do not take it as seriously as we should.

To be able to think clearly, you should be relaxed .. calm .. perhaps even bored.

I have found myself to have some of my best ideas when I go to bed, and the times I am not so tired to fall asleep at an instant. (I think we should always keep a little notebook next to our bed - so that we make sure we do not loose our dreams/ideas)

One of the recent thoughts of mine is .. how is it possible to make the most of every medium/platform I use? I am trying out some things, then they do not work, then I do something else .. and all my work/time is kind of lost.

I was thinking of starting growing my YouTube channel (and soon some other decentralized video platforms). If we are content creators and crypto writers, why not utilizing all web2 AND web3 mediums?

One of the things I do is taking photographs and videos. Some of them, I am happy to give out for free. So why not sharing them also on youtube, get some views and if possible get some cents out of them?

How to monetize your YouTube Channel?

I saw that you will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views.
Well, I have a long way to go

I have 50 subscribers (out of 1000) and 18 hours of view out of 4000.

But hear me out ...

I have this channel since 2003!! I dont even remember how/when/why I made it!

If I got one new subscriber every 2 days, then I would have now more than 3000 subscribers!

So I am inviting you!

Do you have a YouTube channel?

If you do, let's connect here below

Post your comment with your channel and if you wish, feel free to follow me:

Follow me on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@katycrete

This is my link, https://www.youtube.com/@katycrete I will be happy if you follow me and if you post your channel, I ll gladly support you back.

Why follow me?

I post nature videos, and some of them with free-download links. You could use them as background to your own videos!

I also promote read cash platform in my links session - and plan to add more links to my About Page!

Attention! Is there a limitation to how many channels you subscribe to?

Yes, please check out the below question:

How many YouTube channels one can subscribe?

If you see an error message that says "Too many subscriptions," you've reached your subscription limit. You can only subscribe to 75 channels per day. In general, you can subscribe to a maximum of 2,000 channels.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-maximum-limit-to-the-number-of-YouTube-channels-one-can-subscribe-to

Make sure to Not subscribe to more channels than 50 per day. I could not find more recent information from google support.

So let's loose no time! Lets connect :)

Follow my content on: https://www.youtube.com/@katycrete and comment your own link below!

Do you have other video platforms where you share your content, let me know!

Thank you for your time and attention!

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4 months ago


Lol too bad for me can't monetize YT since my Adsense acct got inactivated or whatever. No appeal can reinstate it so meh. Wasn't my fault to begin with but Google never listens. Anyway good luck to you though. 👍

Thanks for subscribing too.

For others who'd like to subscribe to mine I'll use previous link without new handle because am still thinking of changing it (if I still can soon). Haha.

Here it is: https://youtube.com/channel/UC3LI9-QdzL-4wfiQv9vatHA

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4 months ago

Thank you for coming over!! I hope we can get more people to visit this link, it would be awesome!

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4 months ago
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4 months ago

PROUD to be your 15th sub :) Let's go to greatness TOGETHER :) Thank you so much!

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4 months ago

Thanks! Let's do this!

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4 months ago