Jobs at the CryptoSpace: CoinTelegraph Hiring (Remote Positions)

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3 months ago

Why are you in Crypto?

Are you in crypto to get rich? To learn?

Are you in crypto so that you dont miss out on the next bull run (well, who isn't?)

Whatever reason brought (and kept) you here, one thing is certain.

You should be ready for many, many opportunities.

Today, as I was reading the news, I saw a headline ...

Cointelegraph is hiring!

I dont know about you, but this is one of my favorite websites to read news.

So I was happy to see that it seeks new people.

Clicking it, I saw various positions - some may interest you!

  1. Branded Content Editor

  2. Markets Reporter

  3. Editorial Social Media Coordinator

All of these are remote jobs and you can see all the jobs of CoinTelegraph at:

And if you found those interesting, you should know that as per CZ's recent statement, they have doubled their staff since last year..

And they are always actively seeking for new, talented applicants

Did you manage to find where to apply?

Share the link below if you did!

And if you have a bit more time, you can read this older post of mine for some extra insights.

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