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4 months ago
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Yes, you heard that right.

We are going through such difficult and dark times that everything seems dubious. You cannot trust anyone, and you never know when you money will be falling in the toilet.

There are people out there that have lost a lot of money.

Easy come, easy go. Don't they say that?

That's why I made one deal with myself coming into this space.

I said

  • Dont be greedy Katerina. Try to save yourself and never put all your money to one basket.

  • Diversify. Everywhere.

Dont get me wrong.

I still believe in crypto.

I still believe in its disruption and its evolution!

We are off to great things, and they are not far away from us.

But we need to stay safe as we wait.

Please dont be scammed in the name of profit. Please do diversify your portfolio and always keep something aside just in case.

Stay cool, stay safe

Thanks for visiting!

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Great words. Stay safe in these hard times!

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