Blockchain and the beach - on a stone

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2 years ago

Remember my post from the other day?

I was at the beach taking photos of the sunset, when I saw a beautiful stone and I thought .. why not paint it and spread some blockchain awareness?

The stone during sunset

And this is the stone at home ... while I was experimenting about what to paint :)

I fist used a pencil to make sure I could fit everything I wanted on the stone

And then I used a permanent marker

I painted 3 balloons that have hive, leo and bch logo on them and help the little man fly away! Reach the moon and higher :)

And I thought it would be cool do to an extra something from the other side :)

So I did some seagulls flying on the sky!

So what do you think?

Would you be curious if you found this stone at the beach? Would you search these things online?

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2 years ago


I would love to be on the blockchain beach with you ;)

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2 years ago