Any idea why BOOST is not working?

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4 months ago

It's a long time I have not written in

I believe I have not given enough attention to this medium. So, today I thought I would try out another option and post about it.

In my post I received a whooping 0.17 cents reward by the random rewarder.

And for me, 0.17 compared to zero is a big thing!

So I decided to give back those $$ to, while trying out about its 'boost' tool!

How to boost a post

Go to the title of your post and click on boost

The default when I opened it was to boost

I decided to leave it default. I will try again in the future with different parameters.

Click on 'save and pay' and then I wait .. and I wait...

And this is what I see for more than 1 hour.

Any idea why?

Have you / Do you boost posts?

Did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance : )

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$ 1.30 from @TheRandomRewarder
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4 months ago


Normally it does not take that long to be accepted after the payment. You can adjust the hours and target view easily by dragging the side bars :)

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4 months ago

Hey, thank you! I left it in default setting, I will try to change and give it another shot!

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4 months ago

It's good that he still visit you after a long time too but sorry i don't know why boost isn't working

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4 months ago