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Where Were You?

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1 year ago
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You woke up today with this poor little child's lifeless body. Your face drowned in your tears endlessly pouring out.

That agonizing pain in your heart, the questions popping out of your mind. You can't help but cry it all out.

No one has the right to ask your capability as a mother but have you wondered what you were doing when he needed you the most??

Here are some questions for you...

The child had his symptoms for almost two months, did you ever worry that the illness might be serious in the first three days that his high fever occurred?

Have you ever thought of bringing him immediately to the doctor when he started complaining about his severe headaches?

Then the most feared moment came. The head needs immediate operation. His body isn't fit but he is a fighter, the six year old had it successful.

The child came home weak but fighting for his body to survive. Lost his sight for months then recovered his strength. Finally his eyesight came back and he spent his days playing with friends again.

One day he complained of a stomachache. It lasted for weeks until you realized you had to attend to it. But then again everything is too late.

At the verge of the child's suffering for his symptoms, people saw you hanging out with friends at the bar. You were smoking and drinking, flirting while your husband is out for work.

Now, you see this poor little one fighting for his life but too helpless. Finally, he lost it. Then you asked God why He only gave you a few years to spend with him??

Did you ever ask yourself if you have given enough time and attention to your own son?

Where were you when he asked for something to eat?

Where were you when he wanted to drink some milk?

He said he wanted to hug you but where were you? You were always at the bar hugging someone else.

You entrusted your children to people who are not even your relatives. You were lucky enough to have this people around your children loving them unconditionally.

But other people's love isn't enough for a child longing for his mother's love.

It's heartbreaking. Things had happened. All you have left is regrets.

I'm a mother and I'm not judging your parenting but the way I see it, it's the worst. I have loved your child as my own and I saw how he loved and long for you everyday and whenever you' re not around.

May this little angel fly in peace. ❤️

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Written by   133
1 year ago
Topics: Freewrite
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