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This is not me :,c

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3 months ago

Health update..

I'm feeling a little bit better but not really yet. 😔😔 I have to stay away from the screen 'till I get my glasses. I have to get a lot of sleep because there are times I feel tired and get dizzy. Got a lab test and thankfully it' s all fine except I'm close to getting diabetes and I'm too dehydrated, and stressed which is causing my anxiety attacks. 😳

I really wanted to go back to normal as soon as possible. I'm not used to this, getting up in bed in a short while then going back to sleep. I used to do a lot of things but I guess it will never be the same again.

Sad to say that I will have to say goodbye to my little baking addiction. Though I know this is only temporary but it makes me feel bad.

How I wish everything will be fine again very soon. 😞😞😞

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True.. Tnx sa inyo.. 😊❤️

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3 months ago

Get well soon momshie kat. Wag iforce ang sarili lalo n kung bawal.

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3 months ago

Take care... Iwasan na bawal..and be healthy..tumatanda na tyo kya dami narn sakit dumadapo, especially kung unhealthy lifestyle kansa past

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3 months ago