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Siblings: Friends or Enemies?

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2 months ago
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Hello dear Readcash friends! It's been a long while and finally I got the chance to drop by. I have to take care of my health so I have to limit my screen time.

While preparing our dinner my kids were fighting with different kinds of stuff. It's really annoying to my ears, really 😣.. but that's how kids are, right?

Then I remember when I was their age. My brothers and I were like Tom & Jerry 😂 annoying and chasing each other. I want to share to you some of my flash memories today.

We had a lot of fighting since I'm the only girl and they think I'm the most favored child in all of us. On the other hand I always thought they are most loved by our parents.

I grew up with my aunt (mom's sister). When we were little my aunt would bring us to parks, beaches, restaurants, etc., together with my siblings and cousins. And eveyone thinks I'm her favorite because she doesn't go without me. 😂 But truly my aunt loves us all. She's our saviour when it comes to getting hit by our parents. When I say saviour, I meant she's like our human shield. She always comes to the rescue by getting all the broom sticks that's about to hit us 😂.

Going back to the topic... have you had this so called "sibling rivalry"? When I was little, I used to be so close to my brothers, actually. But because I'm a girl, they thought I'm different. Little did they know, I tried all the games and stuff these guys are interested to so that I could get along with them.

We were actually very close sometimes. We share toys and food. We care for each other. I even remember crying when I was confined in the hospital and my older brother has to go home and I didn't want him to because i wanted him to stay and play.

Once I cried when my younger brother had tantrums and my father was too pissed off and left him in a bush about two blocks away from home. Good thing he didn't run away and go somewhere else. My father went back and saw him in same state.

At age 1 my brother fell in the stairs on a wooden walker because he wanted to go with me to play downstairs. Thankfully he is fine and it's a great miracle that he never had even a small scratch from that very high fall.

We also collect Pringles chips cylinder canister and use is as coin bank. We fill them with coins and break it when it gets full. The old times without internet and gadget is the best moment.

But if we talk about school, we as kids, compare our grades and brag about our academic achievements to each other. There were a lot of times we fight on whoever is the smartest. We even fought about who is the eldest. I lost the battle when my older brother said I was found in a basket along the riverside. I cried a lot that night. 😂😂😂 When I grew up I realized it was Moses' story. (i found out when i watch the Bible story on tv) 😅

We were highschool when we started fighting over the remote. I love to watch educational cartoons while the two loves anime. I only win every battle when my aunt comes and scold them (she always thinks boys should give way to girls in any way).

I'm tasked to clean the house since I'm the girl and when it's time, the two must go somewhere so that they wouldn't mess with my cleaning.

There was once we also argued on who gets the higher rank in CAT (Citizen Army Training). It's like a military training in highschool. I got the highest rank so we all thought I was the toughest. 😂

Several times my brothers got into fist fights and I also do with both of them. I was a little boyish because of them.

When we grew up, those fighting scenes started becoming just a memory. Our sibling cimpetitions started to turn into appreciation. Even if sometimes we feel like still having one because our parents kept comparing us.

Once I felt really down when my mom said my brother passed the Engineering board exams and I wasn't able to graduate her desired course for me which is BS Accountancy. I graduated Business Administration.

I took a professional examination and she said I might be too boastful for saying I felt that the exam was easy and I think I could pass. I didn't tell her I passed. She found out from her friends the next day.

Still she wasn't so proud because my younger brother passed the Criminology board exam and became a Policeman. My father once told me about the comparison between our salaries. Mine was too low, Php 6,000 (Contract of Service in the government) compared to Php 37,000 for a PNP personnel and Php 50,000 for an engineer. I was so down that time.

I was the first person to get a job but I got the lowest compensation because I didn't get a permanent position. I worked hard and used my brain and skills. I earn bigger with my extra jobs online than my daily job. For me, getting a small salary is never a problem. I don't even understand why my parents are getting their minds into trouble with my salary. 😅

Well, back when I was single, some of my money goes to my brothers when they needed it. It was a little amount but I was happy I became a part of their journey to success. I don't think they knew it was from me since my mom asks for it to support them. It wasn't really a big deal for me, though.

When they both succeeded, they never failed to support me in my struggles. They pulled me back up. We have fully grown up as professionals with great unity, I would say. We give our hands to each other, whoever needs it. Even if our parents thought like we are competing, but we're not. We actually help each other grow.

All our childhood fights were a great memory to share. What's your sibling story? 😊

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Written by   98
2 months ago
Topics: Experience, Topic
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