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Scarcity of Goods in Baking this Pandemic

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1 year ago

Along with planting succulents, baking has become a trend this so called "COVID Season".

In a span of four months locked in our homes, people discover their hidden talents in baking. A lot have established small business at home with baked products.

This made the baking ingredients gets pulled down by scarcity.

Butter being one of the basic needs in baking cakes are gone. And I, being one of the bakers in need of it had consumed so much time in looking out for it.

With the doubled amount of transportation expense I chose to walk five to ten blocks to find atleast one piece of butter and there's none! Isn't it ridiculous? 🙄

Today I was able to get five pieces. I wish to add more but to give chance to other small bakers out there I decided to leave some for them. 😉

I hope suppliers of baking ingredients could produce more for us. ❤️

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This is informative. Thanks

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1 year ago