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5 months ago

When depression hits you hard. People might think you all made it up. As if your just playing tricks with them. It happens when you feel so down and left alone, as if nothing in this world can ever heal you from so much pain. It's when you feel so low from not being able to enjoy the things you previously enjoy.

Depression happens, when you no longer feel the need to move or do anything. It is the loss of interest in your usual activities. You cannot concentrate on anything because you are bothered by things that you don't understand why it is happening. Losing interest in life gives you loss of appetite as well. Depression wakes you up at night and reminds you of the things that's bothering you.

Individuals react differently to this health condition. Some laugh at it, some becomes moody and some are worse - it leads them to suicide attempts and death. Depression loses your normal state of mind.

As observed, most of my comedian classmates has their own stories at home. One comes to school bringing us new jokes to make us laugh. He laughs with us as well. While we're having class he gets failed grades because he seems not interested in our subjects. Many times he missed school because he has a lot of excuses. On lunch time he would go somewhere to hide. One day we discovered him eating alone almost teary eyed. His lunch was layers of garlic fried rice and plain steamed rice. Since then, we eat in circles with our packed meals in the center of the table so we could all share. He found comfort in us and by formulating funny stories.

Later on, he opened up that he's been bothered by his parents being addicted to gambling, sometimes they get hit when they lose the game and get drunk. He looks after his younger siblings and when he's not in school he'd be selling banana cue to buy them something to eat. Sometimes there's no food for them and it frustrates him looking at the young ones not being able to eat properly.

There's one whose too showy on the dance floor. He dances a lot and laughs a lot. But when he's not he would stay quiet and never talks to anyone. Sometimes you just couldn't figure out why he easily gets mad at someone. Then it was found out that parents doesn't have time and moral support to his extra curricular activities. He wanted to join dance troops but the parents disapproved. Following their disapproval is the rejection from few groups he applied for.

Another one is the valedictorian. She reads a lot of books. Never share her answers to classmates. She gets good grades but less friends. She barely make friends and almost had no time to join the laughter. She never goes to friends outing or short picnics. It's because her mother always compare her to neighbors' daughter being the most famous honor student in its school. We heard she almost took her life when she failed a subject in college.

Pressure and frustration plays a big role in what they are going through.

But do you think depression is really only made up by the mind? Some would say it is you who can only stop your depression because it is you alone who can divert your thoughts.

Some tips I learned on how to deal with a depressed friend:

  • Never blame him for what happened

  • Never accuse for the outcome of his decisions.

  • Never say "you're wrong" or "you should've done this or that"

  • Some needs company and needs a friend who can be there for comfort.

  • Cheer him up to divert his sad feeling

  • Try to open up some personal topics to make him comfortable to talk about his own story

  • Do not judge your friend easily if you think his problem seems minor to you

  • Listen without interrupting

You can help simply by listening to your depressed friend. Most of them needs an outlet. Help them out of their miserable feeling. Try to offer him to play his favorite game or eat his favorite food; something that could make him forget his problems. Listening is the key.

Symptoms of depression include:

  • loss of appetite followed by weight loss

  • lack of sleep

  • feeling sad and low

  • hopelessness and frustrations

  • irritability

  • feeling guilty

  • self pity

  • reckless behaviour

Offer a hand and smile to your friends. They might be needing it. 😊

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Written by   98
5 months ago
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You know what, those happy go lucky people are usually hiding emotions and depression... it's their mechanism not to show to others their real feeling until they talk about it. Not all happy persons are really happy,..they just want to laugh at their problems to hide their real emotions

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5 months ago

nice article.i'm new plz support me

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5 months ago