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Dream of the Dead

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2 months ago

It's a nice fine day today. I just arrived and set up my table to work. My co-worker called me up on the phone and told me my cousin just started her duty in their department. I excitedly run to the next building to see my cousin. To my surprise my nephew 's also there working as encoder. I'm so glad to see them work together.

I stayed on my cousin's cubicle and made a little chat with her. Since it's too early yet, I'm gonna spend a little time chatting with her. I gave her hints and tips on how to approach people in the office. She's not gonna feel awkward anyway since our nephew is there to assist her.

My mouth's bubbling with words when a very familiar kid came to me. That kid's name is Mark, he's my son's playmate and very close to us, he's like a son to me. He was crying and calling me "momma". Mark is wearing his school uniform but why is he inside my workplace when he is just about to go to school?

Mark's bathing in tears asking me where his brown envelope 'coz he' s about to submit his modules and that the envelope contained it and some of his school stuffs. My heart melted with such a cry. I touched him, his arms look pale and onion skinned. He is wearing a red baseball cap that covered his bald head. He continued crying then I suddenly remember that I was cutting out cards earlier when I accidentally cut a brown expanding envelope whom I didn't know the owner.

I asked him to wait and I'll get him a new one. As I left the door where he was standing, I can still see him crying so loudly. I grabbed one envelope in haste and saw a black bonnet and took it with me. I called him "Mark! Come here!". He is still crying but it's weird that I couldn't go back to where I left him. A little 2nd grade kid came to me and is about to take the envelope and bonnet from my hand. I asked if it was Mark and it nodded. But I can still hear the cry that made me realize the kid is not Mark. I looked closely and it doesn't look the same. That confirmed the fact that this kid in front of me isn't Mark and it's wearing a skirt and a "Dora" schoolbag, so she's a girl. She ran away and I kept calling Mark to come and get his envelope and bonnet but he seems too far and unable to come to where I am standing...

Then my eyes opened wide. I checked the clock and it's already 6 A.M. Everyone in the house still asleep. I feel a slight headache and a little confused about my dream. I realized Mark passed away last December 1, 2020 due to multiple organ failure. He was found to have fluid in his head due to some unknown infection. Operation in his head was successful last January, 2020 and he had a fast recovery. Yet his health deteriorated after a few months and finally expired on December.

The saddest view of my son was to weep beside his friend's coffin. Our hearts were tightly squeezed of this view. Even upto this time I would get teary eyed looking at this.

This photo was sent to me by Mark's mom the day he arrived home from the morgue. He stayed in the hospital for two months and came back lying in his casket. That's my son crying on the side.

I watched a mass via live streaming and offered it to the souls of my dead relatives including this poor little angel.

When the mass was over I scrolled down my phone and saw a post from Mark's mother with his photo. Then I reacted immediately thru comment telling that I just dreamed of him. The mom replied and then messages flooded on my facebook messenger from my cousins who are close to him. They are actually living with my cousins. I told my cousin every detail of that dream and she relayed it to his mom. She ended up crying.

I found out Mark's younger brother had just graduated from pre school and got a new bonnet. He might have missed going to school and maybe he wanted to have that bonnet, too.

This is just one of the many dreams I had with dead friends or relatives. And every time I have one, it kind of gives a message or a reminder.

Just like when I dreamed of my aunt who passed away 10 years ago. I can still remember the details from her face to her clothes. She's wearing a bright blue colored shirt which according to my cousin is her favorite color and she wears it especially when she's in a good mood. A few days before I dreamed of her, her elder brother passed away due to health complications. He was also found out to be positive with Covid 19. They interpreted my dream as a sign that my aunt might be in a good mood to have seen her brother in the other side.

It's not the first time that I dreamed of this aunt of mine. Once I dreamed making a glittery, enchanted looking birthday cake. It's purple in color and the n when I was about to lift the cake my location shifted into the cemetery. Then I saw her tomb with her name boldly engraved in it.

When I woke up her daughter smiled at me saying "momma visited me in my dream, it's her birthday". Then I told them what I saw in my dream. They immediately dressed up to buy a purple cake to bring to her tomb and celebrate her birthday in the cemetery.

Another dream I had is with my uncle who died of an accident long ago. I dreamed his grave was flooded with dirty water. He was shouting "I'm soaking wet!" as we pass by his tomb riding in a small boat.

When I told his wife about this, they immediately visited his grave as it was his birthday and they found out his gravestone is covered with water due to heavy rains.

Sometimes I would dream of my dead aunts and uncles along with my grandfather. The setting is commonly in a round table as if they are having a meeting. Or sometimes they are seen playing cards just like what they do when they are still alive. They are my mom's siblings. Most of them died from a disease. One was taken by a road accident.

Most of my dreams would indicate a reminder to their family. But once I dreamed of my aunt scolding me for not being able to memorize the rosary. She used to guide us in reciting the rosary and I would admit bringing the beads with me but not being able to recite it every night. Not even once anymore. She was mad and when I started doing it again she never visited me in my dream anymore.

Although, I am not afraid seeing them in my dreams, it still makes me wonder why they are showing up to me and not my cousins or aunts. We are one big close family circle that is why I tell all these stories to my cousins and their parents who are my mom's siblings. Because we are all close to each other. Even the ones who left this world.

I don't know what kind of ability I have and how it is called. Being able to communicate with them thru my dreams is amazing but also scary at times especially when I see the bad looking version of them, sometimes. 😬

Maybe there's one part of me that misses their presence and it could also mean they want to send messages to their family thru me. It gives me goosebumps after I realize seeing a dead person in my dream especially if I could recall every bit of detail in it.

I'm still happy that somehow they show up since we cannot see their presence physically. I haven't thought of them but they show up just to remind us they are still around. They might have left this world but they stayed in our hearts.

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Written by   122
2 months ago
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