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Dark Circles

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5 months ago

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? What do you think could be the cause of this condition?

Dark Circles develop with different reasons. Most common cause is the lack of sleep.

There are many other factors that can make dark circles appear. Let's discuss this later.

I would like to share how much this dark circles in my eye has affected me.

Here's a photo of my eyes.

If you notice that dark patch beneath my eyes, it made me look older than my age. I apply make up specifically concealer, blush and foundation but since I'm not used to applying things in my face, the strategy doesn't seem to work. It just made my eyes darker and brought me acne or itchy face. I only wash my face with soap and apply a little baby powder.

Most of the time I get eye strain due to hours of staring in the computer and the dark circles become darker and more visible. Sometimes it gets even worst when I lack sleep. Then headaches strike.

Colleagues and friends get curious with my dark eyes. Some would jokingly say I look like a panda also because of my eye shape. Indeed I look like a panda. 🐼😂

These dark circles in my eyes were already present when I was younger. It's like some facial feature I inherited from my father's side.

Now, let's go back and talk about the factors that causes dark circles.

What are the causes of dark circles

Lack of Sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause dull and pale skin that allows dark tissues to appear underneath the eyes. Lack of sleep can also create fluid that causes puffy eyes and the puffy eye shadows shows which results to dark circles.

Eye Strain. Stress from too much focus and staring at the TV screen or computers contributes in developing dark circles. It's because the blood vessels around the eyes gets the tendency to enlarge and darkens the skin which will result to dark circles around the eyes.

Genetics. As I said mine is genetically acquired. I don't have any further explanation to this but I guess it's a natural facial feature which can worsen as you age. Either it gets darker or will luckily dissappear.

Dehydration. Less fluid intake in the body can dehydrate and cause underneath the skin dullness and make your eyes look sunken.

Allergy. Allergic reactions releases hestamine which causes blood vessels to dilate and become visible underneath the skin.

Age. Losing the collagen as you age that gives your skin elasticity can cause dark circles. As the skin gets thinner while aging, the dark blood vessels become visible underneath the skin causing the eyes below the skin to darken.


Here are few ways to treat dark circles around the eyes.

All contributing factors mentioned above are self explanatory and can be treated by avoiding the things that may cause this to happen.

Getting enough sleep and rest your eyes every 30 minutes from the skin can help lessen the darkening of eye circles.

You can also conceal this with make up. Or there are other cosmetic treatments where you can try to consult an expert on other remedies.

Proper and enough intake of water can help hydrate and avoid this to happen.

Cold compress can help the eyes relax. Personally, I use aloe vera, cucumber or even a spoon as patch in the eyes when it's too stressed.

Get your eyes to rest from time to time.

Also try reading this for more information about dark circles treatment.

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Written by   98
5 months ago
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