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Candy Wrap Surprise Kids Craft

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3 months ago

When I'm too stressed with things I do little projects to refresh my mind. Sometimes while doing the craft I talk as if I'm in a tutorial video. 😂

Most of the time I do paper crafts because it's easy to find. Even when I'm in the office, I pause a bit and do things that I want. This is a way for me to refresh my mind. My hands can exercise and at the same time relaxes the swelling of my fingers from writing for too long or typing in my computer. The colors of the paper I'm working with relaxes my eyes from facing the screen for hours.

Honestly, I'm a kid at heart. So even if you tell me to do projects I would accept it because it makes me happy. As I said in my previous articles, my friends and relatives ask me to do crafts and some would pay for my services.

I have spent my extra time with tarpaulin layouts, invitation cards and party favours. And when there's no project, I find scrap materials to work with. Aside from baking, handicraft is my stress medicine.

Now, I wanna share to you this cute little candy wrapper surprise. This is a great idea for this coming Christmas. I plan to create something like this using Christmas gift wrappers to give to the kids.

For now, I'm using colored papers and markers to design my candies.

Materials :

  • 4x4 inches colored paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue/double sided tape

  • markers

  • any amount of cash / bill

Let's start:

🍬Draw any figure (design of your choice) in your 4x4 colored paper using markers.

🍬Flip the paper and apply glue or double sided tapes on the sides.

🍬Stick two edges together.

🍬Flip around to reveal the drawing. Make sure it is in proper position as you prefer.

🍬Press one side flat to seal.

🍬Insert a folded money bill on the open portion of that candy wrap.

🍬Press and seal the opening.

🍬Cut zigzags on both sides.

🍬Press the bottom and top sides with your fingers to make it look like a candy.

The finished product:

So that's my simple candy surprise gift idea. Hope you like it. 😉😉😉

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Written by   98
3 months ago
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