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LNS: Bitcoin Cash Naming Service

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8 months ago
Topics: SmartBCH, BCH

Hello, today I am happy to announce LNS - a new naming service built for smartBCH, which will be launched on smartBCH mainnet March 18th. LNS allows anyone to register and manage a .bch domain name, to have a simple way for users to send to a name rather than an address, and to enable applications which utilize some sort of naming system. You can even set your avatar to your NFT and have it show up across multiple apps! Each domain is an NFT, so it can be traded on NFT exchanges such as OASIS.

LNS is a fork of ENS therefore it allows for a lot of re-use of tooling and application support which has already been built for ENS. It also has some important differences:

  • We provide a full metadata service that allows for easy integration into any application

  • LNS has significantly lower fees (thanks to smartBCH having significantly higher throughput)

  • Our domains are priced in BCH, not USD

  • The LNS token generates yield directly from sales of domains

  • domain resolution, which is a portal to the world of infinite integrations

The launch of LNS will enable a more robust ecosystem in smartBCH, allow for a better user experience, and the ability for teams to port apps from Ethereum which are reliant on ENS functionality.

Try it now on Testnet

You can try LNS today on testnet.

Add new RPC to metamask:

Then grab some TBCH from the testnet faucet:

And navigate to the app:

Testnet Airdrop

If you held xMIST on block 3456866 you will have received some testnet LNS, so you can try the staking functionality.

LNS Token

LNS has its own token, which can be staked to both engage in governance, and earn income from domain purchases. When domains are purchased, the BCH collected is used to purchase LNS on MistSwap and sent to the xLNS staking contract.

The total fixed supply of LNS is 1,000,000, and the starting price on MistSwap will be $2.

35% (350,000) of all tokens will be kept locked forever in a staking contract, which sells staking proceeds for MIST to reward xMIST holders.

Upcoming Airdrop

At launch the circulating supply is 150,000 split 3 ways: initial liquidity on MistSwap, airdrop to xMIST holders, and private sale (completed).

50,000 LNS tokens will be airdropped to all xMIST holders proportional to their xMIST holdings. Users who would like to participate in the airdrop should ensure they have xMIST in their wallet during the snapshot on March 18th for launch. The airdrop will occur March 18th during the deployment of the mainnet LNS tokens.


We hope you are excited to try LNS. Please follow our twitter for updates, and join the discord to join the community.



Github: (open source)

And always, DYOR!

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Written by   110
8 months ago
Topics: SmartBCH, BCH
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This is awesome, when will the mainnet go live waiting to get my hands on a few domains.

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8 months ago

I'm gonna wait for upcoming airdrops, I only have 690 xMIST when I staked my MIST on Mistswap. I'm hoping that I can get a little LNS since I want to hold some new tokens.

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8 months ago