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It Was This

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1 month ago

The last moments would change your life, the hand you extended to your fallen friend at the last moment, the last glance, the bitter taste of the last kernel, the last question you answered before leaving the exam, The bus you caught as if you were out of breath, Everything you heard at the last moment determined your life.

We were always innocent people who saw ourselves as doomed to unhappiness. It was, in fact, we couldn't be happy. The happier we wanted to be, the more unhappy we would be. It was our way of life. It took work to achieve something. Others were working so others could win. We were unlucky. We knew it from the moment we were born, we felt it. When we wanted to do better, we were doing worse. We couldn't go beyond the limits we set for ourselves. Yes, we were like this, we didn't change, they changed.

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