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2 years ago
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I have saw many issue about wallet in this past few days, recently I started to find out what is the way to secure your wallet.

First, recovery phrases is not even safe because when the stranger know your recovery phrases you can even change it unlike wallet that have 2FA, OTP, PASSWORD & Emails that connected in your wallet :)

There's a lot way to hack your wallet;
1. Brute force
2. Token airdrops
3. Telegram airdrops
4. Data mining
5. Unsecured Links

Thing to remember to secure your wallet;
1. Password
2. 2FA
3. OTP
4. Connected to email
5. Create password with capital letter & symbol

That's all thank you i hope you will get some idea for me ♥

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The topic is fine, I would recommend to put more information per item. I usually turn on the 2FA on my wallets. I also write my seed phrases in notebook. I do not memorize password because I am saving them on password manager.

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1 year ago