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2 years ago

If one day I went missing and they find you at fault. Please don't fake your tears nor your fears just to make me come back. I don't mind to stay gone until you'll bleed yourself with so much regret; until you'll feel the aches I've been yearning to be numb. Don't get the impression that I'm making your life miserable. Never think that I'm returning the void that you once said you filled.

Darling, I am just the typical girl you want to use and play around. Never define me as someone who can mock you and can turn you down. I don't have enough strength to squeeze your muscles for you to kneel in front of me, just to hear you're sorry. I don't have the audacity to say it to your face that you owe me the love that you promised.

But one day, if I disappear and everyone will scream my name with sadness and mourn — you don't have to own all the blame. Because half of my misery was my fault — the other half was yours and all the other people who cried then suddenly claimed they love me on the day of my interment.

How hypocrite people to tell I am important to them the moment I perished. But then treat me as nothing back in the day when I am visible as their nuisance dream.

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