Ship Was Destroyed In Edras! 🌟 VENDETTA ONLINE 🌟

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2 years ago

I went to the Edras System to checkout the ships sold by Tunguska Heavy Mining Concern. I needed to raise my standing with Tunguska. So, I decided to stay for a while and do some missions but my ship was destroyed while in a Prospecting Mission.

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5:56 - Accepted mission to prospect for minerals. The mineral was Silicate Ore but I did not find any from the rocks or asteroid near the space station.

13:40 - Jumped to Edras M-8 to search for asteroids with Silicate Ores but, based on the look of the asteroids in the area, I decided to move to a different location.

14:47 - Ship was attacked and destroyed. When I was about to jump to a different location, my ship was attacked and destroyed by something. I was sent back to my home location and had to re-buy my Revenant.

19:50 - Bought a new ship. Inside the UIT Senate space station at DAU L-10, I spent a few minutes looking at the different ships for sale and bought an Atlas. I equipped the Atlas with a Mineral Scanner, a Xithricite Mining Beam and a Shield Turret.

24:50 - Accepted a courier mission. I had to deliver some memos to the ministry of commerce and deliver back a few datapads.

35:06 - Arrived at the Verasi Crossroads space station in Verasi O-7. I delivered the memos, received datapads and went back to Dau L-10.

43:19 - Arrived back at the UIT Senate space station in Dau L-10. I delivered the datapads and received 50,000 credits. I also received 175 Trade License points.

44:45 - Accepted mixed jobs from Trading Guild. The job I took from the Trade Guild was to collect 22 premium carbonic ores.

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Glad to see you here! Keep sharing your good contents!

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