My Initial Understanding WAS WRONG! 🚀 VENDETTA ONLINE

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2 years ago

My goal was to get a Behemoth Heavy Miner but my understanding of the requirements in getting it WAS WRONG!

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0:50 - The Behemoth Heavy Miner. I talked about my goal of acquiring a Behemoth Heavy Miner. I got the licenses but not the credits. Also, I later learned I need to achieve the Basic Miner 2 badge to buy a Behemoth Heavy Miner.

3:12 - Accepted the Premium Ferric Mining Mission. I had to mine a total of 5 crates of Premium Ferric Ore and deliver them back to the space station. I got rewarded 20,000 credits.

5:03 - Accepted another Premium Ferric Mining Mission. I thought this was the same as the last mission but I was wrong. This mission requires not 5 crates of Premium Ferric Ore but 200 crates of Premium Ferric Ore.

12:20 - Surprised! Buying the Behemoth Heavy Miner. As I've said earlier, my initial understanding of getting the Behemoth Heavy Miner was wrong. HAHAHAHA!

19:23 - Getting Ready to MINE. Since I misunderstood the requirements needed to buy a Behemoth Heavy Miner, I just prepared my Revenant for some heavy mining. LOL!

37:49 - Arrived at TPG Headquarters in Dau K-10. I traveled to TPG Headquarters to check out the requirements for buying a Behemoth Basic.

45:35 - Back to Mining Premium Ferric Ore. Disappointed because I did not get a better ship, I went back to Dau G-11 to continue my mining mission until my playtime expired.

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