Let's Play PUBG Mobile [21.4.17-11P] Game Lagged! DIED!

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2 years ago

Here are some of the things that happened in this PUBG Mobile gameplay;

1:10 Battleroyale Match 1 - Match setting is classic, map is Erangel, perspective is third person and it's squad match but I'm playing solo in a squad.

4:00 Picked up 2 VSS rifles. Upon landing, I immediately run to the nearest building and started looting. That's where I picked up two VSS rifles.

8:30 First Kill. I came upon an area with a few houses. While I was climbing the wall, I took some shots from behind. I went over the wall, turned around, looked for my attacker, shot back and got my first kill.

11:30 Found a Church Ruin. After the ruined settlement, I found a Church Ruin. I did not find a lot of things inside. It was ruined and abandoned.

20:30 Game Lagged and I Died. I spent a lot of time camping inside a house. When the playzone shrunk, I went out and run towards the next circle. On the way, another player with a vehicle appeared. We had an encounter but the game lagged and I died.

Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.

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