Let's Play Call of Duty: Mobile [21.4.11-3P] Running Away From The Blue Zone

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2 years ago

On April 11, 2021 at around 3 pm, I played Call of Duty Mobile for over an hour and, in that call of Duty gameplay, the following happened;

I started by mentioning WTFast and followed that by singing something badly. I also noticed a few people on my friends list were online and playing.


Next, I started a Battleroyale match. It was a classic squad match but I played solo. I enjoy playing solo in a squad match. It was more fun that way.

While waiting for the match to start, I went inside a house and picked up a gun. Outside, I tried getting on the roof with a grappling hook but I failed. By the way, my class was a NINJA.

In the match, I had to run to a nearby building to quickly pickup a gun but there were no guns available. I had to run to a nearby building to find weapons which I did.

After picking up a few items, I left the area and run towards a group of buildings. I picked up some items and had my first gun battle. I won my first gun battle and got my first kill in the match but died right after. I was killed by another enemy and I did not notice this one.


In the second match, I landed near a military base, immediately picked up weapons and had my first kill with a shotgun. The enemy died while crawling on all fours.

I did not stay long in the base. I picked up a few things and run towards the circle. I had no interest in getting killed in the blue zone.

It was a very long run. Along the way, I picked up items from buildings and, at least, one player death box. I also got another kill with my shotgun.

when I got into the circle, my thought shifted from running to finding bullets for my shotgun. I had very few shotgun shells available with me and running out of ammo was a very bad thing.

In the warehouse, while picking up items, I had another encounter and won. The enemy was no match for my shotgun that was very low in ammo.

In a different encounter with another enemy, my health went critical. I got shot too much and almost died. It was a good thing my shotgun prevailed against the enemy.

I healed up and faced another encounter but this time I died. I tried to face the enemy with a shotgun from a distance cond the was a mistake. I should have switched to the other rifle.

At the ent of the match, I placed 12th and only had 6 kills, mostly from the shotgun.


Before the third match, I changed my player skin to a different one. I changed my player skin from Ruin to Outrider.

For the third match, the game unexpectedly placed me in a squad. I did not change my match setting so I was surprised when it happened.

In the match, I separated myself from the squad and played the match my way. I landed near a building and immediately picked up weapons.

I had my first exchange just outside the building but I was lucky enough to survive and win the encounter. A few minutes later, I had another encounter with an enemy and won again. Although, I had to use my clones to confuse the enemy. I'm not sure if it worked.

My third encounter happened while I was busy picking up items and singing. The encounter did not end well for the enemy. He died from shotgun shots while crawling.

While inside a small tower, I encountered another enemy. He tried to run away but he still died from my shotgun.

My death happened when I encountered an enemy while running towards the play circle. My shotgun shots were missing badly.

The match was not yet over for my squad but it was over for me. I had 4 kills and that was already a lot since I'm not a good player.

Anyway, for the other matches, please watch the gameplay video and, for comments, questions or reactions, please post them in the comments section.

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