Getting Out Of Wolfskull Cave in Skyrim!

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2 years ago

I love playing Skyrim. Just the other day, I spent the entire night playing Skyrim and it's not even the Special Edition.I'm playing Oldrim, the original version of Skyrim.

Anyway, if you are doing the Wolfskull Cave quest and you found yourself stuck or unable to find the exit then this content is exactly for you.

The first time I did the Wolfskull Cave quest, I spent a lot of time just looking for the exit and if you are in the same boat right now then here is how you can get out of Wolfskull Cave in Skyrim.

After eliminating all the Necromancers who were doing somekind of ritual around this large circular stone ritual table, you will find a raised wooden bridge.

Next to that raised wooden bridge is a lever, which is very easy to miss. Pulling the lever down will bring bring down the raised wooden bridge.

Once the wooden bridge is down, just cross the bridge, follow the path and you will soon find yourself outside of Wolfskull Cave.

There you go guys, that is how you exit, leave or get out of Wolfskull Cave in Skyrim.

Remember, the lever is right next to the raised wooden bridge. If you missed it once then just go back and look around the large circular stone ritual table and you will find it.

So guys, did any of you find the exit to Wolfskull Cave the first time you did the quest? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

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