Genshin Impact's PING WENT DOWN or PING LOWERED! Slow Download Too! (PC / America)

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2 years ago

Yesterday, I tried out this new cross-platform game called Genshin Impact. Before actually trying it, I first created a free Mihoyo account, downloaded and installed the game.

Guess what? The download from the launcher was so freaking slow, it took me an entire day downloading the game and the download for Genshin Impact was only 13 GB.

So, after the download and installation, I logged into my account and played in the America server. Why the America server? Well, it was the server shown on screen and I forgot to change it.

Now, while playing the game, I noticed that my ping was shown on the top right corner of the game window. My ping was jumping between 240 ms to over 250 ms and the text was colored red which means it's BAD. Very bad.

The next time I played Genshin Impact, I loaded or ran the game through WTFAST just to see how much my ping will improve.

Guess what? My ping was still in the RED but it was lower. Instead of 240 ms and over, I was getting 215 ms and below.

So, my ping in the America server was still BAD, very bad but it did go down because of WTFAST.

Was there a big improvement? Obviously, there was no big improvement but it was good to know that WTFast could still lower Genshin Impact's ping even though it was only by a little bit.

So guys, have you tried running or loading Genshin Impact through WTFast? Post your answers as well as your comments, questions or reactions in the comments section below.

Genshin Impact is a cross-platform anime-styled fantasy mmorpg. You can play Genshin Impact on your console, mobile device or on your PC.

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2 years ago