Beer Delivery in Space! 🚀 ELITE DANGEROUS 🍻

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2 years ago

1:09 - Deliver 3 Unites of Liquor. Left Stone Enterprises to deliver Liquor to Bowersox Mines in the Ross 1015 system. Jumped to LP 271-25 to reached Ross 1015.

7:46 - Arrived at Bowersox Mines in Ross 1015. Docked at Bowersox Mines, delivered the Liquors and spent a lot of time looking for work or mission.

17:36 - Left Bowersox Mines in Ross 1015. Traveled to the Bugas system to deliver 14 units of gold. Jumped to Beta Comae Berenices, Wolf 437 and reached Bugas. An interdiction happened on my way to Bugas.

27:52 - Arrived at Oliver Dock in Bugas. Delivered 14 units of gold, looked for new work but did not find any and left Oliver Dock.

39:00 - Arrived at Burstein Terminal. Landed and docked at Burstein Terminal, delivered Internal Security Data and looked for new work and left Burstein Terminal.

50:47 - Arrived at Disch Station. Landed and docked, completed the Courier Mission and left Disch Station.

54:30 - Traveled to Ross 480 to deliver Famine Data. Jumped to FN Virginis to reach Ross 490.

1:00:09 - Arrived at Griffiths Dock. Landed and docked, delivered Famine Data and ended the gameplay.

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