A Rat Problem! Quill - Weave! The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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2 years ago

1:10 - Looked at the contract information for the contract called A Rat Problem. I got the contract from Azzan in the Fighter's Guild and I got it after joining.

3:35 - Arrived at the home of Arvena Thelas, spoke with Arvena Thelas about her rat problem, went down the basement and killed the mountain lions and left the house looking for Pinarus Inventius.

7:40 - Met Pinarus Inventius outside the city walls, followed Pinarus Inventius to where the mountain lions were located, killed the mountain lions with the help of Pinarus Inventius and returned to the city to speak with Arvena Thelas.

16:20 - Arrived back at the house of Arvena Thelas, learned about another mountain lion in the basement, killed the mountain lion and went out to catch Quill - Weave in the act of doing something wrong.

20:10 - Caught Quill - Weave red handed, lied to Arvena Thelas about the involvement of Quill - Weave, learned Acrobatics from Quill - Weave and completed the contract, A Rat Problem successfully.

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