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Russian vaccine 'Sputnik-V' criticized

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Covid-19, this one name may have been annoying to hear. Some say you have to wear a mask. Some say there is no benefit in wearing a mask. Some people want to keep the white part of the mask outside while others want it inside..😒😒

At the time of a Covid-19, there was no shortage of talented people in the world, but there was no good news for the much-desired vaccine.. A Cold War has already erupted between developed countries like China, the United States, Britain, and Germany, and that war is over who will develop the Covid-19 vaccine first.

China has long been working on a vaccine for Covid-19. Oxford University has been in discussions for some time because of their work on vaccines. Globe Biotech of Bangladesh also came up in the discussion with the announcement of making their vaccine.

But when Russia, which is out of the negotiations, first approved not only the development of the vaccine on August 11, then the fight started with the Russian vaccine and Vladimir Putin..

Awareness of the use of Masks. SOURCE:Unsplash

In this article, i am not talking about what Covid-19 is, how it is spread or how to be aware, but i am talking about the Russian vaccine of Covid-19.

Since the beginning of the spread of Covid-19, different countries of the world have been working to find a vaccine for it. Many researchers from the best universities in the world went down to research work. When the nature of the Covid-19 virus changed many times in different parts of the world, the researchers got into a big problem. Initially, it was thought that the vaccine would be released by mid-2020, but that time has already passed. Then why so late?

Symbolic image of Covid-19. Source:Pixabay

Vaccine testing steps

Let's take a brief look at the steps to take to test a vaccine:

1. Pre-clinical testing: At this stage, researchers conduct experiments on different animals. You may have heard that it is mostly done on rats and monkeys.

2. Step 01: Safety Trial: A very small number of people are tested to see how well the vaccine is able to activate the human immune system.

3. Step 02: Extended Trial: This stage is given to more than a hundred people of different ages. This step looks at whether it has a different effect on children, young people or the elderly. This step also looks at the effectiveness of the vaccine and how safe it is.

4. Step 03: Effective Trial: This step tests about a thousand or more people. As a result, more information about the vaccine is known. It is possible to get more information about whether it has any side-effects, what kind of effects it has or how much or how effective it is. And so this step is very important.

5. Approval: It is applied to people in different countries and researchers have a job to keep an eye on whether it causes any problems in the human body.

So for the sake of simplification, this is the process of vaccine selection. And in the case of the current Covid-19 virus, it is also trying to get their vaccines approved by various organizations.

About 165 vaccines are currently being considered as potential vaccines for the corona virus. Some of which may be in the 1st stage and some may be in the 2nd or other stage. It is worth mentioning here that many vaccines exist in mixed stages. That means between 1 and 2.

So the question is, has the Russian vaccine been allowed to go through all the stages? The simple answer is that Russia has approved their vaccine without much hesitation.

But why?

Perhaps these activities claim to prove their superiority as part of the nervous war. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also raised the issue of his daughter's use of the vaccine in the media. However, he did not say which of his two daughters had been Vaccinated😅😅

So now let's find out which companies are working on this vaccine in Russia. It was a joint venture between the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

According to RDIF,

"We did not only do clinical trials of our vaccine in Russia. We’ve done it in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and probably going to do it in Brazil and India as well."

But many researchers in Russia are concerned about such activities. One of the main reasons for this is not working with too much information. Russia tested it on only 76 people. No study has been published on the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine.

Russia has already offered to help the United States with a vaccine, but the United States has refused😑😑


The Russian vaccine is called Sputnik V. Why this name?

On October 4, 1956, Russia successfully launched its first satellite, Sputnik-1.

It was the world's first satellite. And their vaccine has been named after it. This is probably why the satellite was the first to successfully launch the vaccine, which is why it was first named.

When will Russia release the vaccine for humans??

Russia plans to launch its vaccination program in October. The Russian vaccine is expected to reach the general public by the end of this year.

But doubts remain about how effective it is or whether it has security risks😒😒

So when can we get an effective vaccine?🙄🙄

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently about six vaccines in step three, but none have been completed yet and many vaccines have shown good results.

So now it's time to wait again.😞😞

Please leave your valuable feedback in the comment box⬇️⬇️🤗

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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