Ramadan: What happens to your body when you fast?

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Every year millions of Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

In the northern hemisphere, summer fasting has been practiced for several years. As a result, Muslims in these countries have to fast for a long time in the heat.

In some European countries, one has to fast for twenty hours.

But what effect does the fasting of Muslims for a month have on their bodies?

The first few days: the most difficult

But fasting does not affect the human body in that sense until eight hours have passed since the last meal.

The food we eat takes at least eight hours for the body to fully digest and absorb its nutrients in the stomach.

When this food is fully digested, our body tries to take energy from the glucose that is stored in the liver and muscles.

When the body starts consuming this fat, it helps us to lose weight. It lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of diabetes.

However, as blood sugar levels drop, you may feel a little weaker and drowsy.

In addition, some people may experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, or bad breath.

At this time the body actually feels the most hunger.

3 to 6 fasting: Beware of dehydration

After the first few days, when your body is getting used to fasting, the body fat melts and turns into blood sugar.

But since you cannot eat or drink anything during the day during Ramadan, you must drink plenty of water to make up for the lack of it after breaking the fast.

Otherwise you may suffer from severe dehydration. Especially on hot days if the body is sweating.

And the food you eat must have enough energy. Such as carbohydrates or sugars and fats.

A balanced diet is very important, where there will be all kinds of nutrients, protein or meat, salt and water.

8 to 15 fasting: The body is becoming accustomed

At this point you can surely feel that your body-mind is feeling better, because your body has started to adapt to Rosa.

Consultant of 'Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine' at Edenbrooks Hospital in Cambridge. Rajin Mahroof said, it also has other benefits.

"Usually we eat a lot of high calorie foods in our daily life and as a result our body can't do many other things properly, such as the body can heal itself."

"But since we are fasting during Ramadan, the body can then focus on other activities. So fasting is very beneficial for the body. It can help the body heal wounds or prevent infections."

18 to 30 fasting: weightless body

In the second half of the month of Ramadan, your body will adapt to fasting.

Your body's digestive system, liver, kidneys and skin will now go through a kind of change. Get rid of all the contaminants and your body will be cleansed.

"During this time your body parts will regain their full function. Your memory and attention will improve and you will get a lot of energy in your body," says Dr. Mahroof.

"It's not okay to rely on your meat for energy. When your body is 'hungry' it's using the muscles of the body for energy. And it happens when you are fasting or fasting for many days or weeks continuously."

"Since you don't have to eat only during the day during fasting, we have the opportunity to take enough food and fluids or drinks to meet our body's needs after breaking the fast. It protects our muscles and at the same time helps us lose weight again."

☆☆So is fasting good for health?

Of course, but there is one thing.

"Fasting is good for the body, because it helps us to focus on what we eat and when we eat it. Fasting for a month may be good. But it is not advisable to fast continuously.

"Continuous fasting cannot be a way to lose weight. Because at some point your body will stop melting fat and turning it into energy. Then it will depend on muscle for energy. It is not good for health. Because your body is hungry then. Will suffer. "

Ramadan Mubarak to all😊

Thanks for reading👍😊

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I see. My attention was caught by the title. I became curious. I will be fasting in 3 days for some reason.

This article is helpful.

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Aww thanks for observing my post and your valuable comment

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