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How do we Smile??😀😁😂🤣😃😄😆😊

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1 year ago

We all love to laugh. But have you ever wondered why we smile and what for??

Yes, that's what I am going to write today. So let's get to know step by step⬇️⬇️

How laughter affects our brain⬇️

Every time we smile, our facial muscles, which are responsible for expressing smiles, send a good feeling to the brain. This act of laughter activates your neural messaging. As a result, your body and mind stay well and the feeling of feeling good works.

During laughter or when the facial muscles are tensed, the brain receives that signal. As a result, the brain begins to secrete neuropeptides (neuropeptides are tiny molecules that facilitate the interaction of neurons).

The contribution of this neuropeptide is very important in expressing any of our emotions like anger, sadness, love, frustration.

When you smile, the neurotransmitters in the facial muscles send a feeling of well-being to the brain. And secretes dopamine hormones, endorphins and serotonin, vital for the brain and the body in response. These hormones not only relax your body, but also bring your heartbeat and blood pressure back to normal.

The endorphins, which are responsible for laughter, also act as natural painkillers.

That's why doctors say to be happy in different situations. This reduces your mental and physical pain.

Another hormone secreted by laughter, serotonin, acts primarily as an anti-depressant or mood-lifter. As a result of this serotonin, your brain begins to feel relaxed. The anti-depressant drugs that are available in the market, each of them works to accelerate the rate of secretion of serotonin in the brain. So don't just buy a doctor or a pile of medicines, just smile.

How laughter affects our body⬇️

Laughter is a special gift from God to man.

No animal on earth can smile except human beings.

Being smiling is a contagious behavior. When you see someone smiling, you will naturally like that person, you will find him attractive. And seeing him will make you smile unknowingly, you will feel relaxed.

A study in the journal Neuropsychology found that when you see an interesting, funny look, your orbital frontal cortex (the nerve attached to the eye) sends a relaxed sensation to the brain and secretes brain hormones accordingly.

According to researchers at the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 2011, some men and women were shown smiling pictures of the same person on the dashboard, as well as pictures of ordinary faces. As can be seen in most cases, they have liked the smiling face more than once. From this it is understood how being happy has an effect on our body.

How smiling affects the environment around a person⬇️

As I said before, laughter is a contagious behavior. When you smile, the person next to you will smile for no reason or try to smile.

The result of a Swedish study is that some people are shown pictures of the same person winning, angry, scared, surprised faces. About 95% of people like the smiley face picture. As a result, it is possible to come to a decision, depending on how happy the people around you are.

So this was the scientific and psychological reason for laughter.

Hope you understand..If you like it,it will be my great achieve❤❤

Thanks all🤗🤗

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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