A closer look into MoreScamStrategies

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2 years ago

This is usually not the content I do neither the content I like, but I simply feel the despire need to do this. This is not about personal stuff (altough I could take it personal) or in any means relevant to my portfolio, but it is important for the BCH community as a whole. As he still don't understands he made a very big mistake and instead involve others to take the eyes of him, this article is overdue.

I am well aware that this will bring me more problems and dislikes as likes, but I am all in for the truth, not the fame.

To myself. I believe in the universe, karma and doing good. This is what i teach and how I live.

Lets start of:

I know this person for quite a long time. Not knowing personal - thank god - but his online identiy. The first time I saw him around was at early Noise.Cash days.

Noise.Cash used to be different. A lot. A very lot.
At early days we faced big issues with spammers, just posting "s back", "good morning", "t plz" and so on. OGs will remember.
To fight these people getting paid for spamming, the rules and tipping mechanics on Noise.Cash changed a lot. We were at a very good point where trustworthy users been able to rate other users.

At lot less spam happened and everything seemed to be fine, until a specific time. Noise.Cash changed the way tips are distributed once again and it happened that whoever shilled the shit out of BCH received the most tips. That was the time @MoreShillStrategies showed his real face.

He used to be a regular, yet very crypto uneducated user, still trying to do good. He shilled some shit and talked some shit now and then and I used to reply to him, letting him know what he is actually doing. He seeemed to be happy about that and claimed to change. Spoiler alert: He did not.

I could take it personal though since he more or less stole an article from me and published it with his own words, added some shilling and received a shitload of Tips in return. I personally knew at this point what kind of person he is and stepped away from him.

This was also the time he revelead his real face, shilling the biggest shittalker the Bitcoin Cash community has ever seen.

This was quite close before the market collapsed. Everyone having a bit of market knowledge knew that something is happening.

So what about maybe he made a mistake and I misjudge him? This is a very valid question, I can easily answer. He kept shilling, never stopped, still does it till this day.

So yes. Within days his beloved Elon Musk turned into "F*** Elon".

But these are all old stories, why do I come up with it now?
As you may noticed there was a big (maybe the biggest) rug pull on the SmartBCH chain recently. Guess who have been involved? Exactly.

--> read more about the beachswap rug here. Thanks to @m3i for publishing.

Which role did he play?
He offered the "admin" to take care of his Telegram group when he is not there.

What did change since he shilled stuff on Noise.Cash?
He is now involved with his own project, still shilling. There is a big difference between a regular user and someone having a business.

But he could not know BeachSwap is a scammm!11!11
Not 100 percent no, but at least 70 percent. And why? Lets see here

  • The admin (a guy who just started a new business (beachswap) was active for about 2 hours a day, calming to sleep the other 22. Makes super sense, nobody will open a business and spent his time and energy on it. This is way more than red flag enough for anybody with a clear mind.

  • When a experienced dev came to the Telegram group asking serious security questions, he did not receive answers and was called a FUDDER. At this time @MoreScamStrategies was already involved as an admin and did nothing.

  • After presale it took the Dev roughly 5 hours to distribute the tokens and start his DEX.

  • When the DEX finally started it was buggy, showing delusional APRs, not working correctly, as well as TAKING A 5% FEE for some farms.

  • It was so badly coded that with MetaMask you had to add GAS fees manually to use it at all. This also came up in the Telegram group with him saying "For me everything is working fine". Unfortunately the Telegram group is gone already and I don't have screenshots.

I am not saying I blame anybody who invested in it. But hell yeah I blame someone having his own "little pussycats" token for this. You know better! Your community trusts you! Seeing you as a Mod/Admin in his Telegram will gain enough trust for your community to invest in it! THERE ARE NO EXCUES WHATSOEVER! YOU SCREWED UP BIG TIME! So stop crying over your looses and take responsibilty for the looses you helped creating.

And before I forgot, do you know what he thinks about Meme-Coins yet doing his own? You just can't make that shit up.


As more and more people doing their research and understand what is going on, @MoreShillStrategies still tries to defent everything, yet taking another community member in account. You simply can't make this up, it is super hilarious.

This is just the best example what happens to people if they get greedy.

Long story short
Take care of yourselves and think twice about what you do. There are people around who would steal money of their own family while smiling.

This will be my one and only post regarding this topic. My intention is not to bully or damage the reputation of others. Everything described here can be looked after (If he does not delete stuff - like he did before btw). I also don't want people reading this to start bully. Just go away from this person as far as you can.

Just one more tipp from me to everybody who wants to listen.
If a project, a token or what so ever, is having so called "community events" that will reward you for writing a GOOD article about their project, step away from it as far as you can! I never did something like that and never will.

PS: Just have your eye on the other DEX he is dealing with....

This is crypto.
This is decentralization.
This is freedom.

Getting rewarded for good reviews got nothing to do with Crypto.

**** Mic drop ****

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2 years ago


If someone reads this and wants to see my rebuttal of this article, here it is: https://read.cash/@MoreGainStrategies/the-truth-behind-morescamstrategies-c8dfaaf3

The author wrote he liked the truth. I wish that statement was true.

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2 years ago

Please don't delete this article as I would like to go through it accusation by accusation.

If anyone is reading this, I already wrote two articles about the BeachSwap scam. Here is a detailed timeline of what exactly happened: https://read.cash/@MoreGainStrategies/beachswap-i-had-a-front-row-seat-in-the-biggest-rug-pull-scam-on-smartbch-da543eae

And here is an article for anyone who blames me for everything that happened - just like the author of this article does. https://read.cash/@MoreGainStrategies/beachswap-a-post-mortem-autopsy-of-the-ask-me-anything-on-bchadokens-9e87695d

I simply ask the question: if there were clear red flags, so clear that you knew it was a scam and you saw then, why didn't you warn other people that they shouldn't invest? If you knew it was a scam, then why did you not do anything to help people not lose their money?

I gave the dev the benefit of the doubt. I assumed that he was legitimate. If you did the same, what are you blaming me for? And if you didn't do the same, where did you publish your warning?

Yes, it was a mistake. I made a mistake and I am sorry for everyone who lost funds. I truly am. However, I did not scam anyone. I also did not earn anything from that scam. I also didn't ask for a reward for helping to manage the Telegram group. I did help, because I believed in the project and I wanted to make it a success. Just like I helped in many other projects on SmartBCH. To the contrary. I lost a substantial amount of BCH myself that will take months or years to recover.

Which article did I supposedly steal from you? I probably never even read your article. Everything I ever published is my own original work.

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2 years ago