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WebNovel Troubles That Authors Should Be Aware Of

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3 months ago

Recently realized something that made me shift my work almost drastically. More so my writing abilities and how I totally messed up and need to start from scratch.

In the beginning of writing my book I did something different. I did my own writing and I did my own planning, not to just satisfy my audience but I tried to write something that I could be really proud of and people would read and say, “Wait what just happened.” I succeeded with this, and my novel is soaring reaching already 1000 readers buying it and earning over 900+ USD and it’s getting more popular to the point that just this week my coin count is equal to a hundred dollars which says a lot for this type of Web Novels.

It sounds weird whenever I say I want to start over again, even I think its suicide but I messed up.

I think I’ve said it before but I accepted a long project from my editor on a book that had their own outline. Now the first 10 Chapters that they had given me was okay, I thought if the first ten where this good then surely I’ll be able to write a Fantastic one and I’ll get to earn just by writing so I signed the contract. Big Mistake on my end and I mean Big mistake.

The other chapters where so horrible and the plot was so bad and didn’t tie up that it made me not want to write just by thinking about it as a result I stopped updating a lot and I lost a few readers some even told me how bad it was and they were right. It was that bad.

Then I decided to write a new one and guess what they placed a paywall before I even had the time to tell them which chapter they should put it in. In a Web novel there are things called Paywalls, you pay certain coins to gain certain access to the chapter.

Something I know for a fact is that you cannot fall in love with a book in the first five chapters, You need to be invested in it first that’s why on my first chapter I put the paywall in the 14th chapter out of 65. This may seem like I am losing money but no actually I am retaining my audience. They get to fall in love with my characters hence they pay to find out what next as simple as that.

In my new novel they updated the paywall without me knowing and as a result it’s just stagnant and I hate it. I also do not like the fact that I cannot delete the awful novel I have on my page because it simply is not my best work at all. I mean it is horrible that is why I plan on finishing the novels and just leaving the account all together and start a new one where I can be in full control of everything as well as have a new Editor.

In the End I will have to leave my other book but it will be earning from the sidelines, and I will be getting some change from that book. I just want to do a whole fresh start and not have it on my page. New books that will get the reader’s attention and will earn me a lot.

I have five Ideas and outlines and I think if I do this well then this will be it. A new start.

One thing I wished I’d realized from the beginning is that no matter what you are in charge and as much as they call them editors don’t listen to them unless it’s important. I gave my editor free reign over my second and third book and they are absolute messes. Stick to your thoughts and ideals. Yes you do want to write Wish Fulfilments and make your audience happy, but you must be wise enough to know that the more you do wish fulfillments the higher your chances of writing a generic unmemorable book that won’t make your audience stay. Sometimes you need to learn just how much you need to break free from the pressure and give them a shocking twist that will make them mad and shocked but will in the end get you bonus points when they say while reading “Oh Author you nearly got me there I thought this book went to hell.”

Anyways I just wanted to put this out there and make sure that if any of you want to write a Web Novel and are saying yes to everything then please for the love of God and everything that’s holy just say no to some things. Take it from someone who has to finish writing a book that makes me physically ill, DO NOT DO IT!

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Written by   92
3 months ago
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