Web Novels Which Type of Contract Gets You Money; Exclusive, Non-Exclusive Contracts

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When I talk about Web novels sometimes I find myself forgetting that there is so much into these types of details that I forget to explain things completely and today is the day I did that. A friend of mine asked me how I go about it and how simple it is. I tried to explain it to her that no, it is not that simple and it requires a lot of craftsmanship and you need to be really good at writing good chapters that hook people because most of the time people who read web novels are only there for wish fulfillment and then I talked about Contracts and I realized it’s complicated for people so here I am writing about this because I like talking about this.

Before signing a web novel contract there are a few things that people need to understand and that is which contract is good for you. In web novels majority of the companies will only give you two types of contracts and that is An Exclusive and a Non Exclusive Contract. It’s important to know that a lot of web novel companies will have varying types of contracts and requirements so I will only be talking about these contracts in general inclusions.

Exclusive Contacts

These types of contracts are the first ones that your editor will mostly give you when they are interested in signing your book. This contract mainly gives publishing rights to one site and it states that you cannot publish the book on any other site except for that theirs. For proper understanding of this we will call this Company Web write (It’s not a real company just an example) Lets do a case type of study shall we.

You’ve just written your first few chapters and have clicked the publish feature. You are waiting for an editor to get into contact with you. Finally the editor does and says he likes your book and would like it to be featured in Web write as an exclusive book. He says that as an exclusive book you’ll have 50% or 25% of the books revenue (Not Net) You’ll have a an exclusive writers benefit where they will pay you 100USD for the first 50,000 words and 250USD for completing the book.

They also tell you that they will handle promotions and it will be done on Facebook and other places and you will get popular fast. Essentially they promise you heaven but you’ll be crying if you don’t read the blue prints.

They would also tell you that they will market your book to other sites making it more popular and you will be rolling in money.

Here’s what the Editor from Web write doesn’t tell you. That their site will give you the bonus and everything but won’t pay you until your book earns more than the little advance they gave you. That the other sites that they will post on are also theirs and essentially limited.

Web write will also own 50% or more of rights to your book, this means that if it becomes popular like really popular and Netflix or smoother person wants to make a movie out of it they will do that and they will get 50% they can also bind you to them and won’t allow you to take the Netflix deal if they don’t feel like it.

Web write will also give you targets suck as 50,000 or 30,000 words to complete per month. If you can’t do that than your editor will deduct a reasonable amount from your payment, sometimes they deduct so much that you are left with nothing.

There is a reason these types of contracts are called slave contracts. Be warned though, as tempting as earning 200USD right now feels make sure you do not sacrifice a book you love and has potential for that.

Non-Exclusive Contract.

These contacts are essentially a bit loose and don’t vary to much compared to exclusive contacts. These contracts allows you enough freedom to publish wherever you want and on any site you wish with limited restraints. Let’s use a case example with the same Web write Company as above.

You have written your boo and have submitted it to the Editor. The editor comes back to you and says we’d like to give you a non-exclusive contract since you’ve had the book published in another site or you you’ve rejected an exclusive and asked for a non-exclusive contract.

Webwrite say that their exclusive contact offers you the chance to earn by readers paying for chapter openings. They also inform you that there is no promotion done by editors or few promotions and the Algorithm will be in charge of it.

They say that you can post it on different sites but on their site they will get a 50% or 25% share of the income. Webwrite also gives you the freedom to accept other contracts with others and you have the freedom of removing your book from the platform after one year or two years if you want to.

They also tell you that you cannot get any benefits the other exclusive writers have such as bonus such as 100USD signing bonus. Your book will be featured on some of their platforms but not regularly.

This sounds like a raw deal but look at it a second time and think of the unlimited benefits you’ll be getting when you can publish your book in different sites. Yes growth will be a bit slower but you will reach a wider audience.

You also have the ability to remove your book after a certain period which is a win for everyone. You get to stay with the rights while they have their money. It is important to note that if you have a good book then you will find yourself growing so fast and earning so much from different platforms and growing your audience.

All in all now you have a brief understanding of these two types of contracts. You can be able to understand which type of contract best suits you in the best way possible. Also know that when beginning this heavy of a project you need to first and foremost always consider value and quality of content rather than getting chick money because the easiest thing is writing, the hardest thing out of all is actually getting your book idea accepted because Web Novels have to have a specific wish fulfillment aspect.

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