Web Novels and the concept of wish fulfillment as a Driving Force for Fame

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11 months ago

I know a lot of people and writers believe in the theory that you need to be in a way unique when writing your stories. Their have been a lot of books about the Ceo Billionaire falling in love with the florist, orphan student e.t.c there’s a lot of them and some fall in the line of Tropes.

It is important to explain that most books do have the same cliché explanations in traditional publishing. This theory also goes along with Web Novels, the problem is Web novels need extra more and have a format to them.

People read web novels because they need to read something on the go. This means that it needs to be simple, easy to understand and read. Not only that there are so many elements of Web novels that some new readers simply don’t understand making their work fail.

What drives web novels is wish fulfillment. It’s a guilty pleasure that most people won’t admit to but they secretly indulge when they are alone. Yes Web novels do have the same flow of book styles such as the werewolf mate and the Billionaire/CEO Fantasy but that’s what the reader wants. It’s important for you to understand what Whish Fulfillment is and in a way I will explain it for you to better understand this.

The Concept of Wish Fulfillment.

In regards to web novels this means that you cater to what the reader is expecting. You don’t have to make your plot so obvious that the reader feels that it’s like the same as everyone else’s which can be hard. You need to place the normal elements that people like while placing your own tricks into it to the point that you stand out. The reader will keep reading your book because you captured their attention and they want to know what next.

Wish Fulfillment and Happy Endings.

Web Novels are not for creative flows, let me tell you the truth, when someone reads a Web Novel they expect that the main character will get whatever they desire because they relate to the character and in a way are living through them. If the book ends with your main character dying or some other random end that is not a happy ending then the comments will show that and people will be skipping your book because of that.

If you don’t want to go the cliché route and have a happy ending and write something unique and captivating then that is perfect, however, the sad news is that you shouldn’t be writing web novels rather indie or pursue traditional forms of writing and not thing.

Wish Fulfillment is a Guilty Pleasure.

The title almost speaks for itself. When I say it is a guilty pleasure I do mean that. When you were a child you often dreamt about being Cinderella or a princess. As you get older you get to find out new genre and stuff like that. When you look at Ceo/ Billionaire a lot of women like them because you get to see these powerful mean coming down for their high horse and declaring their love for you. So look at these types of things.

The orphan girl is forced to work in a Werewolf Pack then is saved by the Alpha and is Mated by him. This sounds a bit like Cinderella, orphan girl taken away by the Prince.

Forced to marry a cruel Ceo but realize he is nice and fall in love, her love melts his evil way: this sounds like beauty and the beats.

So in a way we are living our fantasy through these books without even. So there you have it. Wishful fulfilment is essentially the art of satisfying the reader’s fantasy without harming the plot that much.

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