The Negative Impact of Procrastinating as a Writer.

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6 months ago
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So I have been in a writing funk for the past few weeks don’t know why but I just cannot find it in me to write anything. I keep on constantly deleting everything I write and end up finding myself on the couch. I have three projects right now. Remember when I say I am a web novel writer well now I want to try traditional publishing.

The problem is that this will require me to actually put a novel together that would be good enough to get a traditional publishers attention. I have a few ideas in mind but I’ll have to plan the whole thing step by step so this project will take about a year.

All that aside I found out that my August’s income is 600USD now where I live that’s roughly fifty thousand which is a lot for just one book and it’s constantly growing. I think this is why I got into the writing slump.

There are many reasons why a writer can procrastinate, maybe you just don’t feel like it. Maybe the writing environment is wrong or maybe you are afraid to write. I think I’m afraid to write. The main reason why I like writing is because I love stories I like reading and experiencing new worlds and understanding new characters. But now it feels like I’m just typing away to keep up with the constant demand and the comments are good. Majority of my readers love my books and I find myself loving the amount of encouragement and love I get.

Neil Gaiman is an author that I love and aspire to be if not better than equal to him. He talks about having a notebook and having a writing area his own personal place where he writes. He also says that he puts all distractions away and concentrates on the page and all he has to do is do nothing or just right.

I don’t have a writing area, Majority of the time I only write when I’m at work on break or at home late at night. I right more at work because I have my own personal place, a sort of nook where it’s silent and I have my coffee mug and it’s sort of silent. In my house, however, I don’t have that. I have a lot of destructions. I tend to love music and I have somehow cutback on reading which isn’t good. There’s just so much going on that when I want to actually write I find myself already tired and go to sleep. I also write on the couch which is tiring.

I also got accepted to a Polish University to study a Bachelors in Accounts ACCA qualifications which is essentially like a bachelors with a CPA bonus and I’m excited though terrified at the same time. It’s a new country and I don’t know what’s in store for me. So I have been brushing up on a few topics to get ready for January. I don’t even have time to do anything these days which is absolutely scary.

The procrastination started the day I got the application letter. I haven’t had the will to do it. The story was also hitting a wall. My character wasn’t evolving the way I wanted to.

Therefore I want to start a new habit. I’ve deleted all my songs which was painful. Bought eight books and I’m going to create a writing area for myself. I’ve also gotten five audiobooks and a few decorations for my writer’s center.

Although I’m making plans to embrace my writers side I also have to prepare for the new chapter of my life that begins in three months. By the way I let myself go and have nothing to wear except for work clothes and home clothes. My sister also teased me about me looking like I’m thirty when I’m in my early twenties. So I’ve been making a few changes in my wardrobe and buying new clothes slowly.

I realized just how much I hate werewolf love stories. Nothing against them at all it’s just that it’s the same trope and cliché’s which a lot to take in . The Omega verse is big and the amount of trauma in it is even bigger.

Ending on a high note I’d like to say that after everything I realize that it gives me great pride to see my platform grow in every way. And to think it began here. I guess that’s why I keep on posting here, although not frequently enough. The few who actually read my work make me feel even better.

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6 months ago
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