Omega verse; Where Every Type of Abuse Can Be Romantic

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For those who do clicked because you asked yourself what’s an omega verse and the title is really strong well buckle up because no the title isn’t enough, the title was tame compared to what you’re about to find out so fair warning this is a rant and this is not to throw shade on the omega verse, it’s to give you a little bit of information on the other side of this topic and pour out my frustration to the masses so let’s begin

What is Omega Verse?

So this is a subgenre of Erotic Fiction specifically the Alpha Beta Omega category. The omega verso consists of a hierarchy such as Alpha who are most dominant Beta who are slightly lower than the Alpha’s and are tame and Omegas who are the fragile ones and least dominant in the hierarchy.

Bear with me now, I know you’re asking what this is but it will make sense. The omega verse can be anything you want it to be, if you want to make a werewolf omega verse or a normal post-apocalyptic work you can as long as in your book or your story you have a structure of Alpha, Beta Omega.

What Are the Rules?

There is only one rule in this genre and that is it needs to follow the structure plain and simple other than that anything goes and I mean anything, seriously there are some weird people out there.

Absolute chaos that is the Omega verse and how toxic it is

In this world men can get pregnant women can get men pregnant, women can get women pregnant and my favorite, you can fall in love with the one who wants to rape you and imprison you for you to give them children. Did I also include incest and not like Game of Throne or House of Dragon type I mean the bad one, Before you say is there a bad one, well I thought so too until I found something worse than colleen hoovers November 9.

We can also have Alpha’s abusing their power a whole section of omega’s being slaves, why? Because they simply exist and are week hence need to be tortured rapped and have no backbone to say anything because as I said they are weak.

Don’t forget the whole bad and I mean awful fanfiction writing, Edward from twilight falling in love with Jacob which isn’t bad, but Edward torturing Jacob and then rapes him he runs away only for Edwards to say hey I kind of like you be mine and Jacob who has gone through hell says yes. Yes I will marry you guy who raped me constantly for the past two weeks and got me pregnant and rejected me because I wasn’t a vampire but showed me love once and so I will marry you.

Here’s a recent one I read and boy was I left awe struck at the audacity.

A girl who’s twelve falls in love with a twenty eight year old alpha, the Twelve year old girl is abused in every way imaginable and when she finally has the guts to kill herself The Alpha who is Twenty Eight says Do it! She does it because it will make him happy. He rushes her to the hospital and then tells her he loves her and to please marry me.

There are so many things in that that I had to report the damn book. The victimization, not to mention the Alpha was a pedophile I repeat A PEDOFILE and excusive trauma just because hey it’s love and love fixed anything.

I went deep into the whole where I found one that shocking Harry Potter gets rapped by his uncle the weasley twins are alpha’s they save him and in two days he’s happy and normal and agrees to marry them.

It gets worse, some I won’t even say because I’m a nice person and nice people don’t give readers of their article trauma.

Part Where I am Fair.

This will be short, yes omega verse done correctly can be a cute little book that makes your senses tingle and all of that but the genre has been so polluted that I can’t. That’s it, that’s the whole article now go do your research and see if you could find a book in the omega verse that doesn’t make you want to think that you are going to hell.

I’ve already paid for my soul and will not be under any circumstances doing that things again ever!!!

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Seriously it sounds so interesting. But i have never heard about this type of verse where is published this type of stories.

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5 months ago

You can actually find a lot of them anywhere fanfic sites traditional publishing even WebNovels and posts. It's really put there and like I said some have been done good other's are just toxic so it depends on the writer. Thanks for reading 💓

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