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Authors Point of View on Web Novels and Common Information

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4 months ago

Before I begin talking about this I need to let you know that, yes I am a web novel writer and I have been doing it successfully for the past five months and so far a s a web novel author I have gotten around nine hundred and twenty dollars with my best month being last month and currently rising with five hundred.

I have reached an author’s followers account of three hundred and twenty people which might sound small but you need to know that there is a difference between your book being followed and your authors account being followed, if they follow the book then that means they like the content of the book. If they follow your authors account then that means they follow you and your writing.

If you don’t know what webnovels are basically stories you read online. People publish their writing chapter by chapter online so that readers would read on the go. There are webnovels that can be free while majority of the sites require a reader to pay coins which are worth a specific amount for them to open. If you want to begin your writing journey as a webnovel author then there are a few things you may need to consider and I here they are.

WebNovel sites.

There are too many webnovel sites we have Webnovel the site, Dreame, Novelcat , Babbel,Goodnovels, Full Novels and others. Something you need to know about Webnovel the site is that you will need to work extremely hard to break out with, you’d need to first get your novel to be popular and have a stable fan base for you to get your stories on pay to read chapter base. T’s also the most profitable type of webnovel place you can ever be in so the hard work you put into this will be worth it.

Dreame on the other hand is a good site to start with as a beginner. You get to write your book and submit it for a contract and an editor will get back to you with a contract opportunity. I may have confused you right, okay let’s start from the beginning shall we?

When you want to publish a novel on dreame you create an author’s account once you do that you fill in where your book information and cover then you write sample chapters that have over 10,000 words once you do that you submit it and an editor who likes your book will contact you with a contract. There are two types of contracts; Non-exclusive and exclusive. Non-exclusive means that you get to post your book on other sites with limitations that will vary in every contract so be sure to read yours well before you sign it.

Exclusive means that you can only publish the book on dreame and only dreame as a result you get special royalties and they also have a share of or when your book is published traditionally, they also post it in different sites for you and you get a share mostly around 50% . You also get bonuses, for example you get a writing bonus like the following:

1 write your first 30,000 words of your Exclusive contract book and get a bonus of exactly 50USD.

2. Keep updating at least 50,000 words with 2 days off in a month and get 150USD

3. Get 150USD when you book is complete ranging from 100,000-299,000 words and 500USD bonus for 300,000 words and above.

I mean it looks inviting but you also have to know that they’ll pay you once you total earnings will be above the amount they have paid you meaning if you have one exclusive book that has 100,000 words and is complete and has completed the updating bonus then you will get 350USD meaning you will start receiving money when your book reaches 350 and above in profits.

I have not used good reads before, they rejected my book which was shocking since Novel Cat and Dreame accepted and they are picky. Babbel has the same format and Novelcat but I have never quite used the platform and I would only be talking about just this two.

NovelCat is where only your efforts will really help you. Getting a signed book is extremely easy with them and their editors are helpful. They have the same Criteria when it comes to the exclusive and non-exclusive contacts. You also need to know that when you write 30,000 you can choose which chapter you need to start pay to read feature and majority of what you earn will be from coins.

They do have bonuses but you’ll have to reach level 5 which is really hard to achieve, I think they do that to limit the amount of authors. But it doesn’t matter if you aren’t on Level 5 because the key is to attract more followers on your authors account. Let’s say you have 1000 followers and you publish a book.

They’ll receive a notification and since they follow you they’ll open and read. If they do that and out of those 1000 followers 300 of them follow the book and actively keep reading your books then it’s a win.

Chapter that’s around 1500 words will cost around 50 coins to open this means that 300 people will be spending 50 coins each to read your book meaning you get 15,000 coins a day per chapter. In novel cat 2,100 coins is equal to 4.99USD meaning per chapter you got around 35USD. Do the math and think about it. In novelcat you it’s easier to create a community and have them read your work and earn than bonuses and other things.

Demanding Contracts and no Time.

WebNovels are extremely competitive and you need to stand out constantly, you need to update and write more in order to grow and not loose your relevancy, there’s nothing more worse than a stale book that’s hasn’t been updated for months. I hate that about the webnovel industry but that’s just how it goes and I can’t truly be mad at it.

Cannot develop your writing style.

No you can’t you can try to be a good writer but if you try to write like J.K Rowling or even Colleen Hoover then you’ll most definitely fail trust me. Webnovels are read on the go meaning the stories need to be simple and straight to the point in most cases.

I won’t necessarily say Webnovels are a cash cow unless you are really good at it but it will get you somewhere believe me. you just need to find your niche and learn the ropes. I do think that before all of this you also need to branch out and see what you like and what gives you freedom.

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Written by   92
4 months ago
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Writing is not a good job as i think. I know about it. Those who knows about it they all time appreciate. But seriously i didn’t know about web writing. I knew about it by your post. I knew we can just earn money by blogging or writing articles.

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4 months ago

Me neither I actually found out through a Chinese drama series about an online writer being sucked into their web novel I did some digging and I found out that they really do exist and I wanted to try it out. Thanks for reading 💓

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4 months ago