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The biggest miracle of life is that everything starts to change

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2 months ago

The greatest miracle of life lies in the fact that eventually night gives way to day, winter to spring. In an endless, ordinary, miraculous cycle, everything transforms, mixes, settles, mixes and transforms again. The secret of life lies in the relationship we establish with these cycles instead of trying to change them.

When we city dwellers try to change the cycles or shape them into what we want, we create an endless turmoil within ourselves. We run between trainings, therapies, different methods to end it, but the most basic thing we need to do is to see the cycle for what it really is. But instead of doing that, we keep ourselves busy and get caught in the wind of so-called healing.

We can't make things happen the way we want them to happen!

We cannot change people!

We cannot hide the truth with a false sun!

We cannot change the natural flow of your life!

All we can do is to approach the state of looking at the relationship we have with what we experience again and again under the leadership of the breath that fills in the present moment.

I've always wanted to get a tattoo for as long as I can remember. When I look at my old posts, I can't tell you how many images I shared on social media saying "I'm going to get this". Big, huge, shapes and patterns covering one of my legs. You know what, I didn't get any of them done! I didn't post that I was going to get this when the time really came. I went and got it done. I have four tattoos now.

Whether you're choosing a coffee,

Whether it's when you leave work,

Whether you're doing a yoga pose,

Whether in a relationship with a man or a woman,

Whether you're getting a tattoo,

Whether when choosing a venue,

Actually, that inner voice that we always listen to...

Instead of insisting that this is the way it has to be, transformation is taking a few steps back and realizing that there are other possibilities! No matter what, the sun will rise again every morning, sometimes even if we don't want it to! Even if we don't want to get out of that bed, it will still rise! You cannot stop life!

You can't pull life here and there to make it the way you want it to be.

You can't stop the rain, but can you enjoy every drop of rain?

Just as a flower takes its time to bloom,

Just as he trusts his own time,

Just as it begins to bear fruit as it trusts in its own time,

In fact, we experience practicing the same thing!

Without running around,

As you relax into what can be,

And the ones that can are starting to change!

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2 months ago
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