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FAMILY Important Day

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8 months ago

"A family that enjoys mealtimes together stays connected and fosters a deeper bond."

This was the message of the National Committee on the Filipino Family (NCFF), which is chaired by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), in observance of Family Day Important on Monday. - Source: Manila Bulletin

Photo courtesy: DSWD


Yesterday, on our 3 o'clock afternoon online class, my professor announced that he will only discussed for 30 minutes because when the clock turns at 3:30pm, we will spend the rest of time for the family meal.

On the facebook post of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, they encourage every Filipino families to celebrate the "Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Day" or The Family Important Day which is celebrated in the country every fourth Monday of September annually in accordance in the Presidential Proclamation No. 326, series of 2012.

The DSWD emphasizes the importance of family day; to have time for the family especially for having meal time so that the parents and their child have bond together. This is to let the parents spend the moment to understand better their children especially to the problems they are facing.

Moreover, the DSWD says that having a common meal helps to strengthen the family communication and to serve as a place where the family members can express their thoughts to and share positive experiences of happiness and affection.

The Family Important Day is really helpful to the family as it brings opportunity that to let their relationship go stronger. Meal time is really important because during this time the parents are actually asking questions about how's the day of their children.

I want to cite an example though it's kind different but still we can relate.

We often go to fast food chain, coffee shop, restaurant or any other food store with our friends because we wanted to talk to them, we wanted to have a bond and stay connected to each other. We go there because of our main reason is to have a bond and to talk.

That is also what the Family Important Day is saying, it's just my thought. Because meal time stays us connected to each of the family members. If someone have a problem we can easily figure it out the way he act in the table and from that we can help them to cope with their problems.

As a father or the mother, or the eldest in the siblings or the youngest, make the meal time the most important of the day. Why? Because we share times with our love ones. I just feel like, we will grow and maybe become busy to school, work, new family. We gonna miss to have meal with our family. That's why make most of our time.

During this pandemic I know that many youth today is facing a lot of challenges. As a member of the family, let's help them. Not only the youth but all the members of the family are facing struggles. Let's help each other, let's grow stronger together. Family is our strength, Family is our hope, our shield and so on. But don't forget God to be the center of the family.

It's not too late to have a happy meal with them. Be the starter, be the first one to make it a happy meal!

I want to greet everyone a HAPPY FAMILY IMPORTANT DAY!


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Written by   39
8 months ago
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