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Battle in the Night

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1 year ago

A friend of mine once told me a thrilling story of wonderful courage and loyalty on the part of a dog called Shep.

Shep was a mountain dog, much like a German Shepherd dog, but bigger and stronger. Despite his size, he was a very gentle and wonderful friend to all the boys in the school.

As a special favour Shep was permitted to sleep in the boy's dormitory, a large room with twenty-four beds in it. As the boys ranged in age fro, eight to sixteen, you can imagine what good time they had each night before they all went to sleep.

One reason the boys liked Shep so much was that he didn't like the preceptor, and would always growl when he approached. This saved the boys lot of trouble, for if they were making too much noise, or were up to some other mischief, Shep's growl gave them plenty of warning to calm down before the preceptor enter the room.

One night a burglar entered the dormitory through one of the open windows and began picking up some of the boy's clothes, with the idea of making off with them. But he reckoned without Shep, who let out a fearful bark, waking everybody in the dormitory and sending the thief out of the window much quicker than he came.

But the real excitement came on dark night when leopards were on the prowl. It was very late. All the boys were asleep. Shep was lying on the floor, suddenly, about midnight, Shep began to growl. it was a long, low growl such as Shep usually gave when the preceptor was coming.

One of the boys woke up, wondering what could be the matter. Then Shep gave a short, sharp bark and leaped to his feet, his head turned eagerly toward the open window.

The boy followed his gaze and there, shining in the darkness, were terrible eyes of a leopard! And right there at the dormitory window! Evidently the leopard was desperately hungry and, having caught the scent either of Shep or the boys, had come to the dormitory determined to have a midnight feed.

The eyes disappeared only to reappear at another window, nearer to Shep. By this time, as you can imagine, all the boys were awake and sitting up in bed. As they realized what was the matter, they became very excited and not a little frightened. It is not nice to know there's a hungry leopard just outside your open window ready to spring in at any moment.

Suddenly Shep, with a great tug, snapped the string that held him and made straight toward the window where the eyes were still looking in out of the night. Then, as if knowing that he was responsible for the protection of the boys in the dormitory and careless of the danger to himself, brave old Shep took a flying leap out of the window, straight at the leopard's throat.

Then what a noise! The night air was rent the most frightful cries and screams as dog ad leopard struggled for the mastery. For many minutes the battle went on, while the boys, too awestruck to sleep, marveled that Shep could keep it up so long.

At last, came silence. But though the boys waited hopefully, no Shep returned. In the morning, down by the creek, they found a few remains, all that the leopard had left of him.

Gallant old Shep! Faithful watchdog! He gave his life to his friend.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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