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SLP meets tickets

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1 year ago

Ever since SLP was made public I have been thinking about how to implementing a ticket system using it.

Today, most of the tickets to conferences and concerts are sold as a QR/bar-code in some form. So you would never know if tickets bought used from third party have been sold many times or simply just counterfeited.

How to represent a ticket

In this use case I am going to use un-numbered tickets for an inmaginary conference sold over Internet for Bitcoin Cash.

The conference would start by create a new token, with the number of unit that matches the number of max ticket it wants to sell.

The decimal place should be set to zero, to avoid people having half a ticket.

The workflow

The buyer would fill out optional information and the required address he wants to receive the token. A wallet like Badger Wallet could make this more user friendly. No registration is needed.

Instead of requiring users to provide an address to send the ticket to, the ticket can simply be distributed as a PDF or image via QR code. Then users can simply provide a print-out at the gate, or sweep the code to move the token-ticket to their wallet.

The seller would have a server that generates an unique address for each trade, once the buyer pays the agreed sum, then the seller would transfer the token to the buyer.

The seller could also sell via an exchange that lists SLP tokens.

Before the conference starts, the buyer can sell his ticket to others, the new buyer would be 100% sure that the ticket is genuine.

When the participant arrive, the ticket holder would send back the token back to the conference and in return get some kind of badge, wrist band or some other proof that he is allowed into the conference.

Paricipants that bought tickets via paper-wallets and show their email or printout with the private key, this wallet can be swiped at the entrance by the conference.

What is missing?

The main missing component would be a service that holds the SLP tokens and transfers it automatically when a customer have paid for the ticket. I have started on a prototype that uses Bitbox SLP SDK.

The participants could use any wallet that supports SLP, but I think only Badger wallet would be user friendly as of today.

Smaller conferences could use any wallet that supports SLP to have the participant return the token back to them.

Bigger conferences would need to have dedicated custom wallet to speed and automate the registration process. One option could be to fork Bitcoin Cash Merchant (BCH)

Paper wallet

Thanks to Chris Troutner, for pointing out the value in a ticket stored in a paper wallet.

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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This is a very cool idea! Like really cool!

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1 year ago

AFAIK no consumer BCH wallet supports straightforward token sweeping at this stage.

I found this out when constructing an artwork containing a non-fungible token (NFT) which I wanted the buyer to be able to reclaim.

So I think this is an additional "Missing" component to your otherwise good plan.

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1 year ago

Yes, there are some missing components, it would be nice to fill the gap, so that in the future it is easy to buy and sell tickets with Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago